The Daughter of the Sun


                                        by Frank Thomas Smith


The Daughter of the Sun

Taught us all we know,

First she forged the licking fire,

The greatest gift of all,

And showed us how to forge it evermore.


The stone ax to chop and cut and kill,

Baskets woven of high dry grass,

Pots scooped from earth and kilned in fire.

The Daughter of the Sun.


One day she cooked a soup of river fish.

The flames roared and the pot flowed over,

Soup and fish doused the fire.


The Daughter of the Sun,

Angered by her fate,

Squatted over the embers and pissed a lake.


The fire's dying embers singed her pubic hair,

The burnt vaginal odor engulfed the world,

Kindling desire for woman in us all.


Returning to the underworld

She taught us how to die.

Daughter of the Sun,

Mother of the Moon.