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RE: "Open Letter" - or - The Judith von Halle Phenomenon

I was so grateful when I read this, I could have cried. I thank you all for taking the time to carry out such valuable research to stop the 'character assassination' of Judith von Halle (and others) at the hand of Sergei Prokofieff.
Thank you.
Susanne Lien

RE:  Esoteric Lessons for the First Class – Volume II

Frank, this is gift of yours is more, greatly more, than just appreciated.

Thank you!!!

Robert L. Johnston



Would you be so kind enough to send me a PDF copy of this document.  Thank you for the wonderful service you provide and your willingness to share.  It's very much appreciated.


Helen Munro


Dear Frank,

First, let me thank you again for your work in translating these important lessons, as well as the Steiner works you have provided in the Southern Cross Review and to "rsarchive.org."  Not only are the translationswonderful, but I also appreciate your spirit of freedom in helping Dr. Steiner's wisdom reach everyone equally.  I understand that about a third of his work has still not been translated into English, which surprises me.  I don't speak German, so can't remedy this myself.  You are certainly filling a most important need, and have my most sincere gratitude! 

I don't have a Kindle, and couldn't fathom how to download the above-captioned from Amazon onto my laptop.  In accordance with your e-mail from this morning, I would be most appreciative if you could forward me a PDF version.  With my thanks in advance, and warmest personal regards,

Jennifer C. Yates

Richmond, Virginia USA

(Born Cambridge, England)


RE: Rediscovering Life - Biology’s Shameful Refusal to Disown the Machine-Organism by Steve Talbott

I'm usually disinterested in bio-science discourse because of its deterministic bearing on human affairs. However, the Talbott article on the fallacy of biological machines immediately stood apart from the usual fare. Whether or not we say life is miraculous, what we see is obviously more than the sum of its atomic parts. His observations about heart-as-pump illusion are absolutely brilliant! He sets the facts before us to see so we can decide as we may. Kudos!


Jack Trimpey
Placerville, California



RE: By the way, Your House is on Fire by Rebecca Solnit

Dear Frank,


Sad to see the contribution by Rebecca Solnit beginning with a repetition of the fiction of planes hitting the Twin Towers on 9/11 - the greatest myth of the 21st century. If planes had crashed into the immensely strong towers there would have been plane wreckage outside the towers - the fragile fuselage of a plane cannot cut through steel columns. Wings and tailplane would have sheared off and fallen to the ground. No such wreckage was found on 9/11. In fact, no identifiable plane wreckage of any kind was found at any of the three alleged crash sites. The video purporting to show a plane crashing into the second tower has the plane completely improbably 'melting' into the building - an impossible feat.

Maintenance of the myth of an "attack" on the US from outside by Islamic fundamentalists - likewise of an Islamic fundamentalist series of suicide bombings in London in 2005 -  allows the fake 'war on terror' and neo-imperialistic crimes in North Africa, Syria and now Ukraine to continue unchecked, as also the wider agenda of complete control of the many by the few which Steiner predicted.


Paul Carline, UK

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RE: Critique of Rudolf Steiner by Osho

Interesting article...Simplifying Steiner somewhat but the last line about the poison is suggestive...Steiner recognised that dead thinking wasnt going to be stopped and the Christ really is a metaphor for the resurrection of living thinking. Osho's critique seems to one of the thing that Steiner worked backwards from...Steiner mentioned the use of a hissing sound at the end of sentences....On another tack it would be interesting to compare Osho's meditative technique with those of Krishnamurti and Gurdjeiff whom he obviously borrowed heavily from.

Good luck with any form of research...each to their own in this day an age of freedoms gained by tooth and claw , by the West sacrificing its living word on the cross...

Peter Stafford


RE: Nosotros somos los afortunados

La narración de Z me parecía realmente muy buena y fantástica -  en todas las acepciones del adjetivo. Agradezco FTS haber compartido conmigo esto con la esperanza de recibir otros escritos similares.


CM (el chozno perdido)