Letters to the editor

RE: Knock on Wood

Frank, I remembered the title Knock On Wood. Just read it. Really a good story and also entertaining.


Gaither Stewart




RE: Love in the time of Spies

Fucking awesome! I loved it.  I like the genre, and then there’s the added twist of trying to figure out just how autobiographical it is.

I read it in one sitting and must read it again.  when I’m reading something exciting, I sometimes start skimming, and like a fast-paced movie, I kinda need to go back and watch it again to see what I missed.

it’s not perfect – I do have some criticisms, but I’ll let you bask in the glory of praise and adoration before I tear you apart.

Seriously, though, I really enjoyed it and think it’s a terrific piece of writing.  what have you done with it?

Robert Cohen

New York


RE: To Hunt a Nazi

Very nice short stories, Frank!
I enjoyed a lot!
Cristiano M Gallep BR

I love your stories. Keep them coming. Thanks

Mara Beckett




RE: Karmic Relations

Lieber Frank,

für Deinen Hinweis, bzw. die Übermittlung des Letzten Vortrags aus Karma Vorträge Band II danke ich Dir. Ich werde den Vortrag bei meinem Aufenthalt in I – Cavaglio lesen. Ich habe diesen Band ohnedies im Gepäck, da ich den 7.Vortrag für mein Seminar in Kroatien (Menschenbeziehungen fruchtbar gestalten) brauche. In diesem Vortrag ist eine Karma Übung sehr genau beschrieben. Dieser Vortrag ist als Einzelvortrag in der Reihe Impulse erschienen unter dem Titel „Die große Karmaübung“. Ich empfehle  allen Empfängern dieses Schreibens, die Karmaübung zu studieren.

 Herzlichen Gruß
Michael Schreyer

Dear Frank,

Thanks for publishing my letter. Thanks also for all the work you are doing to make Steiner more available to more people. I have nothing but admiration for what you are doing here - part of the work of truth-telling that is so important to me also.

I also like most of your nudes .... ! A good way, apart from their own artistic merit, of dispelling the notion some might have that anthroposophy is stuffy, conservative, 'weltfremd' and even 'asexual'.

Best regards,

Paul Carline


RE: The Meaning of Meaninglessness

All I can think of to tell you right now is that I really like your thinkingness about meaninglessness.

Kendall Weaver