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RE: Esoteric Lessons for the First Class

Dear Mr Smith,

I came across your 'Southern Cross Review' via the facebook page 'Anthroposophy', and I have just read substantial parts of it. Then I came across the text of the 5th Recapitulation Lesson, to my huge surprise. I would really like to know how you see your right to publish a Lesson in a publication of your own that is online and easy for anyone to access. This puzzles me a great deal, and I would like to know how you might explain this. 


Wilfried Bohm

Cape Town, South Africa

Editor's Reply: Apologia in respect to the publishing of the First Class Lessons


Well, now that the mantras are available in German that gives possibility for them to get into the wrong hands. You ask why not publish them in English too. Well, they have to get into the *wrong hands* for the esoteric effect to vanish. The German publication give some possibility for that to occur, but it does not necessarily follow that anyone knows who the wrong hands necessarily are. Publishing them in English and in digital form online increases the likelihood of them getting into the wrong hands.


I totally agree with you Frank Thomas Smith. In fact my personal experience as being an anthroposophist for many years is the real fact that most of the time the ones who have concerns about making it public are in fact using their power to decide who is who in terms of belonging to the First Class. I saw that happening in several countries. Another point is the fact that Germans have access to all, just because they read German, doesn't mean a monopoly, so we have to spread the knowledge and as you said, a real and active Esoteric School no longer exists. It all depends of our own consciousness and the more the members of the Anthroposophical Society are looking in how to control something, more is their demonstration of lack of understanding of the real matter. All lectures, all first class mantras, all notes, have to be public. The individuality will know better how to handle it. Congrats for your courage. I beg your pardon for the ones who are against your translations, they are not able to perceive the needs of another human being - unfortunately they are not yet evolved enough to respect the needs of others with a gentle love.

Sonia Homrich,


Well said Frank. The time has come for each person to take responsibility of their own spiritual development - the teachers have left the room. We can inspire each other to reach new insight but ultimately no one will enter into the appropriate spiritual spheres unless they foster their relationship with Christ in their own hearts. Publishing something or not publishing something had no impact on that.

Kristina Kaine

RE: The Long Walk Home and Iraq No Longer Exists are good 'book-ends- for Frank Thomas Smith's current issue of 'Southern Cross.' 'The Long Walk Home' sounds suspiciously like non-fiction to those of us of that generation. Both pieces remind 'those of us' ever again of the most ignorant repression of memory, which unfortunately is the foundation stone of history. But perhaps it is not forgetfulness, but actual memory which fuels the cogs of our oligarchy. Why else would the war machine plug ever on, at the cost of human life and misery, when the oil and gas are right here, today. Forget that the filthy tar sands and poisonous fracking industries may prompt our self-destruction. It is the irony of our oligarchy of greed that our corporate government, toils to maintain its nationalistic imperialism, enriching our military industrial complex at the cost of total 3rd world obliteration. And if the bullets and bombs don't complete the destruction we will back blood-thirsty dictators who relish and promote their own psychosis of genocide,
while stealing billions we give them to buy their 'loyalty'. At least until their own insanity, or our own political ferment fuels civil war and internal fratricide. Like Rome, we have perfected this talent for 'global' destruction, without notice that we,too, are part of this 'globe'. We have forgotten Rome just as we have forgotten Vietnam...Will we forget Iraq and Afghanistan after we deal with Syria and then Iran? Or will the empire, and what technology has made a 'true' global world finally destroy itself?
John Harris

Ven, Nena and Elizabeth Taylor - a Memoir

Such a marvelous story! Thank you so much for publishing it, Frank, and many thanks to the author.

Hilmar Moore


RE: Goetheanism in Science

Hello Frank,

Thanks for putting up the Goethean Science article in SCR.  I'd be interested in looking at Rudnicki more in depth.  Can you pass along the link or issue # for where the mentioned Cosmological Principles have been serialized in SCR?

Many Thanks,
Robert Stolzenberger

The Cosmological Principles is available free of charge as an eBook in pdf format. Send an email to [email protected] with "Cosmological Principles" in the subject box. [Ed.]

RE: We are the Lucky Ones

Is it true that you found this manuscript as described, Or is that allegorical?
[Not true.]
Is it true that it was your first contact with Anthroposophy?

I have had some contact with Dr. Lievegoed and learnt a lot from his international section, some of whom worked in the UK where I reside. Mario van Boeschoeten was the elder to my youth, acting as consultant to my inner development through my 20s.

 It was good to read your apologia as well. Crisply supported my feelings.

 Best regards



RE: April Cruel

Wonderful writing as always Frank! I loved it! Thank you!!

Adriana Koulias