Pegasus, the Winged Horse - Pegaso, el caballo alado
bilingual edition



Pegasus, The Winged Horse
Pegaso, el caballo alado

Grandma Butterfly
Abuelita Mariposa

My Cat is a Magician
Mi gato es un mago

The Mosquito Who Bit a Baloon
El Mosquito que pinch� un globo

The Redheaded Pizza
La Pizza pelirrojo

Sir Gawain and the Dragon
Sir Gawain y el drag�n

About the author

Frank Thomas Smith is an American expatriate who has lived abroad for many years - in Argentina, Switzerland and Germany, where he worked in the airline industry. He now resides in a remote but beautiful corner of Argentina. Five of his children's books have been published in print versions in Argentina, in Spanish. He is also, as you may have noticed, the editor and publisher of the SouthernCross Review.


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