Putting Soul into Science

Michael Friedjung

181 pages

In an attempt to counteract the materalistic science of our times, Dr. Michael Friedjung, an astrophysicist, gives us an overview of the history of science, as well as the role, basic assumptions and limitations of science. He describes the upheavals in scientific thinking during the twentieth century and goes on to investigate where the spiritual aspects of science may be found. Based on these concepts, he points towards a New Science.

About the author

Michael Friedjung was born in 1940 in England of Austrian refugee parents who had escaped from the Nazis. He was already deeply interested in science at eleven years of age, and uniting science and spirituality eventually became his aim. He studied astronomy, obtaining a Bsc in 1961 and his Phd in 1965. After short stays in South Africa and Canada, he went to France in 1967 on a post-doctoral fellowship and later was appointed to a permanent position at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in 1969, where he is now Research Director. After living with the contradictions between official science and spiritual teachings, he began to see solutions to at least some of the problems, which are described in this book.

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