Reading a web page such as this one isn’t like reading a paper magazine or a book. Once you finish a chapter or article or story in one of those, you put it down when you’re tired or have no more time, and pick it up again when it catches your eye on the table. With SCR, however, you may click on the first item in the table of contents, or a title which most interests you, read it, close the page and forget about looking through the rest of the contents later. A good way to always keep SCR in mind it to make it your “home page”, so every time you open your browser, it’s like opening SCR again.

To make Southern Cross Review your home page in:

Firefox (recommended)

1. Options (general)
2. Home page
3. Location: type in:

Internet Explorer:

1. Tools (herramientas)
2. Internet options (opciones de internet)
3. Home page (Páginia de inicio) Type in:

Netscape navigator:

1. Edit
2. Preferences
3. Display on Navigator setup: click on “home page”
4. Home page location: type in: