Southern Cross review Nr. 55

In the “Editor’s Page” this month we offer a new True Tale – about a war of sorts long ago and far away from most of you.

Current Events brings articles by Juan Cole, who compares Bush to Napoleon! Really, the situations are similar. A few Sergeants who are serving in Iraq describe the war as they see it. Too bad they aren’t Chiefs of Staff. Then Tom Engelhardt tells us why complete withdrawal from Iraq is a myth.

Under “Features” Al Gore pops up, but not as a future possible president, rather as an anti-global warming guru who won’t talk about one of the real reasons: meat. An historical article about the first Battle of Kabul follows, something which should have taught our leaders a lesson, and Steve Talbott's final chapter about language.

“Education” reveals the history of alternative schools – another indication that public education has failed, and not only in the U.S.

Now we come to what you’ve all been waiting for: “Fiction” which despite its name is often more truthful that the so-called truth. A romantic story with a bittersweet ending by your Editor takes the lead, followed by a Roman Folly by Gaither Stewart. Then comes a long classic by Rudyard Kipling. (It also takes place in unconquerable Afghanistan.) Orwell’s 1984 serialization continues.

In the Science section Polish Professor Rudnicki’s cosmology study continues and another professor, Valdemar Setzer from Brazil, tells us why he is a spiritualist.

On of my favorite poets, Edna St. Vincent Millay, is represented by two beautiful poems in the “Poetry” section, and Book Reviews of books by Richard Tarnas and Gaither Stewart make up the rear.          
Frank Thomas Smith