Southern Cross review Nr. 55

In the �Editor�s Page� this month we offer a new True Tale � about a war of sorts long ago and far away from most of you.

Current Events brings articles by Juan Cole, who compares Bush to Napoleon! Really, the situations are similar. A few Sergeants who are serving in Iraq describe the war as they see it. Too bad they aren�t Chiefs of Staff. Then Tom Engelhardt tells us why complete withdrawal from Iraq is a myth.

Under �Features� Al Gore pops up, but not as a future possible president, rather as an anti-global warming guru who won�t talk about one of the real reasons: meat. An historical article about the first Battle of Kabul follows, something which should have taught our leaders a lesson, and Steve Talbott's final chapter about language.

�Education� reveals the history of alternative schools � another indication that public education has failed, and not only in the U.S.

Now we come to what you�ve all been waiting for: �Fiction� which despite its name is often more truthful that the so-called truth. A romantic story with a bittersweet ending by your Editor takes the lead, followed by a Roman Folly by Gaither Stewart. Then comes a long classic by Rudyard Kipling. (It also takes place in unconquerable Afghanistan.) Orwell�s 1984 serialization continues.

In the Science section Polish Professor Rudnicki�s cosmology study continues and another professor, Valdemar Setzer from Brazil, tells us why he is a spiritualist.

On of my favorite poets, Edna St. Vincent Millay, is represented by two beautiful poems in the �Poetry� section, and Book Reviews of books by Richard Tarnas and Gaither Stewart make up the rear.��� ������
Frank Thomas Smith