Reincarnation Blues

Canto II

I'd really like again to live
Not this long, but longer still.
Would I then have more to give
With more to feel but weaker will?

There was a time in northern climes
When I thought and felt and sought
And willed, but failed in troubled times;
And countless were the lies I bought.

Then in seasons southern born
Fluttered the spirit's broken wing,
Or was it an angel in female form
Whose beauty made the cosmos sing?

When I ask myself what
I'm doing here I shake my head.
It's neither cold here nor hot,
The feeling I have is one of dread.

For what if I'd traveled so long and far
With little to show than a belly pot?
Well, but I loved and went to war
The war was won, the love was not.

You think it depends on what you choose.
You better think again, baby
And heed the Reincarnation Blues:
Fate does the choosing, and I don't mean maybe.