Reincarnation Blues

Canto IV

Meditating on the mother of questions,
(I don't mean the coronavirus
Or the First Class Esoteric Lessons)
But the one that necessarily concerns us:

Sooner or later you'll want to know
If life has meaning and if so: what?
We can start be presuming the answer is: no!
If that's the case are we alive or: not?

Or are we actors in a computer game
As the movie Matrix wonkly warned?
Like death itself it's all the same:
No one emerges wholly unharmed.

But if life – human life I mean –
Is real, then so are you and I
Not to mention nature's green
Life of leaves that will also die.

Don't bother going to church
To confess your tawdry trespasses;
It'll surely leave you in the lurch
Cause God doesn't give freepasses.

The killing going on with so much terror
Could make you resort to Brother Booze
But that would be a fateful error
Intones the Reincarnation Blues.