Reincarnation Blues

by Frank Thomas Smith

Voice: Frank Thomas Smith/María Teresa Gutiérrez
Music and tech: Nicolás Gawain Smith
Art: Celina MacKern


Blues is associated with sad memories and, more importantly, hope. But hope is often enabled by “eternal rest” in a heavenly nirvana after death. No more slavery, no more suffering, no more pain. But reincarnation tells a different story. Death yes, but a merely temporary one in order to lick your wounds, get a grip and begin again on a long, difficult path of development.

So the Blues of these verses is a kind of wake-up call, that it ain't so easy after all, that the quest is just beginning. And it's certainly not as boring as “eternal rest”. Start with Canto I. If you think it's worthwhile, continue, there are twelve. If not, don't forget to wave goodbye.