Letters to the Editor


RE: Toto the Fourth

Wonderful, Frank! Life's missed opportunities - and the option always present to not let them slip by!


Helmut Reichardt


RE: Akasha Think


Thank you for the invitation to comment.� Well, the picture of open and closed eyes put me off but the title drew me in. I have not seen these two words, 'Akasha' and 'Think' together and as I read it, it is familiar though put in a new way. When I reached the end of the article a memory picture drew out before me....when I was a child there was a picture on the wall which I had to pass often as it was hung in the passage and so my relationship with it grew over the years and with it my consciousness began to stir and awaken. It is the picture of St. Veronica's handkerchief marked with the image of the Christ's face and the most remarkable aspect of it is the eyes which may appear open or closed.� As a child this is how I came to know the Christ impulse in my heart...if my attitude had been giving his eyes were open, and if I had an attitude of taking then his eyes were firmly closed. Now I hear this attitude again in this article and I come full circle back to those eyes which can be closed and shut the soul off or take courage to be open and seek for ways to approach the attitude of brotherhood, in our inner life and in community each day. When I see conflict will I step back and think, even more difficult when I am a part of conflict will I react, how will I be written in the Akasha?

Gratitude for this thought-provoking substance for Anthroposophy today.


Beth Cumming

Kwazulu Natal, South Africa



RE: Europe's Attack on Greek Democracy


Dear Frank,

After a week in Greece early this June - with five nights and six days spent in the Orthodox monasteries on Mt. Athos, and three days in or near Thessaloniki -� I am watching the events in Greece unfold from a perspective tinged with a deep sense of the roots of Christianity still alive and waiting to be remembered today - and always.

We have all heard Christ's simple messages and the call to repent! And we are all bathed in the Zeitgeist that makes it unnecessary to kill Orthodox priests as the early Soviets did: ignoring them and declaring Christianity irrelevant is so much more effective! It's up to us to struggle to find the right path - here and now, over and again! "Forgive us our trespasses - vergib uns unsere Schuld!" Or, as Steiner translated: "Lasse Ausgleich sein unser Erbarmen am Anderen f�r S�nden an unserem Wesen begangen".

No easy answers, no simple recipe - but an indication that we may have to keep on looking for the paths less travelled.
Thanks for sharing Stiglitz, Frank - a very thoughtful statement!

Kind regards, Helmut Reichardt

RE: Dementia � Anthroposophical Perspectives

Hi Frank, I translated your review into Brazilian Portuguese, posted on my Blog and at FaceBook as well.

First at all, I would like to thank you, this is a good translation and a more than good job.

As I am working with Counseling for many years now and used to work with Rev. Evelyn Francis Capel among others, several anthroposophical medical doctors, several courses on Anthroposophical Medicine, etc� I can guess what is not written in your review and of course, I would like very much to read the whole book � but my finances are not good at this moment with all crises we have in Brazil, corruption and so forth�

I also feel happy as I have been developing a similar approach into my life, considering what you wrote in the review, of taking care of my parents out of love and not because of duty, (considering my mother was bipolar�duty alone does not help� only with big, big love without looking for results�)

Once Rev.  Zimpel, who used to work in S�o Paulo for many years and is married to an Argentinian, pointed out that most of the time I was only looking for a sort of confirmation � and this was right.  Well, this time, by reading your review I was not looking for a confirmation, but I remembered Zimpel � and I had a free confirmation. I met a treasure by taking care of my parents during the last 6 years of their lives. Also it is a treasure to be able to help people with my work. I do hope I can do more.

Take a good care of yourself.

Sonia Homrich


RE: SouthernCrossReview.org Nr. 100

Hola Frank,

 Felicitaciones por este numero 100!! Es una obra fant�stica y tu siempre tan creativo!

Un lector vago, pero admirador de su maestro,

Rene Liebenthal

Buenos Aires, Argentina


RE: Toto Cuatro

Querido Frank, Aunque una vez alguien en la historia te llam� Fred...

Me pareci� precioso, con un poco de recuerdos, con otro poco de creatividad.

Y la foto final que deja que el coraz�n siga entendiendo un romance de toda la vida...

Y la nueva Dorothy que se llama Robin�

 Y el hecho que la vida llama a tu puerta dos veces y no hay que perder la tercera.

Cari�os, tambi�n a la traductora.

Tatiana Czerniczyniec
Buenos Aires, Argentina