From Judith von Halle's childhood diary

1982 (ten years old)

Good evening Adonai, King of the world!
You know, I learned something else. It was like a trial in the night, but in the daytime. It is the following.

Many flowers and plants like to suck up the disorderly, ungodly soul colors of the people around them. One can observe it. This afternoon we were in a florist shop where I watched people and then I observed the lively colors of the customers. Each one looked different, because they were different. What happens is that the impure soul colors are sucked up by many plants. Like in a dream the people moved to “their” plants without knowing why. And the disorderly, impure in them went to particular plants.

These plants became least somewhat warmer than their normal temperature. The disorderly, impure soul colors feel especially comfortable in the warmth! In the moment when they are sucked up by the warm plants, they make the plants poisonous. In most plants (especially flowers) the poison comes from human feelings. When they are full of them they become colder and their leaves darker. That is a cool [toll] feature of nature! Like when a glass of water is spilled and one can soak it up with a sponge. It may not be completely gone, but it's mostly in the sponge and doesn't cause any more puddles. It's also the case with the ungodly in people that is soaked up by the plants.

Where people are quarreling a lot, such plants should be set up. Geraniums are apparently especially good. In the south, in Austria and Italy, the people fill up their balcony window-boxes with geraniums. And it's said that the people there are more temperamental. But they are nevertheless friendlier than Germans and somehow happier. Maybe this has something to do with it.

Adonai, please protect all
the people in the world and
don't let it burn up
and don't let an atomic bomb
fall tonight!

Excerpt from: Schwanenflügel – eine spirituelle Autobiographie