Letters to the Editor

RE: HeyZeus – A Second Coming in Brooklyn

I love the play, have a sister who lives just off the park...sings in her church choir. Can you send me a link for the entire play? Thanks. Has it ever, or could it be staged? Whatever...it's cool. Kali Yuga, Dude? And yes you can be an old coot and still cool!

John Harris

The link above is for the entire play in pdf format. [Ed]

RE:  First Class LessonsThanks for the wonderful work (I’m a class reader in Germany - South African though - and often do lessons in English 
per my spontaneous translation.) Keep up the good work, you have a wonderful website and I admire you for the courageous work!
Best wishes
David Auerbach


RE: Was Jesus God?

Hi Frank,

You are very quick telling what Steiner didn’t tell, but it’s not that easy. Following Steiner, Jesus is inseparable from Krishna, and Krishna is also Adam Kadmon, God. You will find all the Steiner references here if you are interested, but it will of course not fit your childhoods picture:
Steiner describes that there are three Logoi, the first Logoi, the Father, the Second Logoi, the Son, and the third Logoi, the Holy Spirit. Jesus became the third Logoi when he entered the death world.
Here I have Steiner’s texts on the Three Logoi, with comments: 

It is interesting with Anthroposophists, most believe they know everything worth knowing, so there is no reason to listen to others.

Thank you for SouthernCrossReview, it’s a magnificent paper.


Kim Graae Munch