Letters to the Editor

RE: Esoteric Lessons for the First Class

Hi Frank Thomas Smith
I would like to ask you for a ‘ebook’ copy of Volume Two – Esoteric Lessons for the First Class. I am a member of the first class and because of the stay at home directives have not been able to meet to hear the lessons in person.  I gave away my hard bound copies of the class lectures to a class member friend a year or so ago who was moving to a part of the world where there is not much of an anthroposophical community (Kansas, USA). I am using your Kindle, ebook version of volume one now and moving on to lesson 10. So am writing to you, from your web site for the next volume.
  I read your Southern Cross Review, with interest, and have just bought your book Anthroposophical Fantasies, which I started and find interesting. Your whole body of work is interesting. I look forward to following along as time goes on.
Thank you for your work on the lessons' translation, and for putting it out as an ebook. Not charging for it says something about you that is also interesting. I look forward to the someday when we meet in person and I can say hello and thank you, as only physical humans can do.
  My best to you,
Joseph Greif


RE: The Empire Has no Clothes...

Thanks for the article by Belle Chesler: The Empire has no clothes in the classrooms that ZOOM built. But...I really don’t want to go back to pre-corona teaching. I like a combination of 3 days school, physical for the pupils and 2 days working from home. Teachers stay 5 (or 6) days at school, because the classes have become less populated. Instead of pre-corona 30 - 35 kids, now we go to half, or the children who have at home no access to internet, they come every day. I have experienced quite some pupils who pre-corona never participated with work and thanks to the stillness at home, away from the pranking other classmembers, were relaxed and even enjoyed the new kind of exercises I had to come up with. And yes, they turned in the work they had made. On the other hand, some of the bullies were very quiet, because there was no other kid around to bully, and some of these did not attend the distance meetings nor sent me work. I agree with Belle Chesler that the social aspect of being together is most important, especially in the cases of the situations she mentions, poor, hungry, abused, misused, no internet, no i-Pad children. For most of these kids school can be a haven, well, it depends very much on the good Samaritan character of the one in front of the classroom.

jeroen heuvel
Waldorf school teacher in Curaçao (where there is no Waldorf school).


RE: SoutherCrossReview.org Number 130

Dear Frank,

Though I would love to see Michelle Obama naked, I understand your break with tradition in making her your keynote picture this month. I read her autobiography, and recommend it. There is still hope for the United States.

Dan Dugan

RE: Prologue in Heaven
It is so sprite and jumping and mischievous! I read and try out so many translations of this and this is to me the best I have ever read. Really. Before this the Luke guy did one that seemed to be the best so far but still something seemed lacking. I think there is a playfulness in the language that you let shine.
Dale Brunsvold


Frank Thomas, I love the Faust translation, truly “splendiferous”.
Raun Griffiths

Hi Frank, a gorgeous translation. A pity you never got further. I would be an instant customer. I’m an English speaking South African, who’s been living in Germany for many years and thus speaks it fluently. I’ve done this prologue countless times with the kids in my Eurythmy lessons, and know it so well. So it’s such a treat to come across this. I miss the spunk of the English folk soul, which you’ve caught so beautifully.
Well done. Be well
Jennifer Baer