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Number 14, November-December 2001


Drawing by a fifth grader at the
Green Meadow Waldorf School, New York

Spirituality had to step back in our times. This had to happen in order to make possible the great conquests on the physical plane, in order to dominate the material world. Now the time is near when humanity must again devote itself to spirituality. Humanity is rushing toward a stage that cannot be endured if spiritual life is not developed. As an example of how necessary it is to be immersed in the spirit: You know the enormous advances that have been made in, for example, the study of electricity. A colossal power is associated with this, which will enable man to misuse it. In a relatively short time man will be the master of an enormous power that he will be able to use on the physical plane. He will be able, for example, to set off detonations, explosions in a distant place without anyone knowing who the author was. Humanity will have power. And it will be devastating if humanity does not stand at the pinnacle of morality and doesn’t use this terrible power exclusively for good purposes…” Rudolf Steiner, April 3, 1905

 The event of September 11 and its aftermath still dominate the world's consciousness - as they do the contents of Southern Cross Review, at least in this issue - starting with the drawing shown above that depicts the hope (or, in the child's mind, the certainty) that the Good personified by St. Michael will eventually overcome the symbolic dragon's evil. In the Editor's Page, those who wish to can read some of my own thoughts, and those of others, on the subject. Several related experiences are told in Twin Tower Tales.

A lecture by Rudolf Steiner entitled (by me) "The Ahriman Conspiracy" seems especially appropriate for these days. The second lecture on "Esoteric Cosmology" is also presented.

The Science section brings an article by Craig Holdrege & Steve Talbott about technology in agriculture. A review of Elaine Pagel's "Adam, Eve, and the Serpent" about the prevailing influence of the Paradise myth on western civilization's gender and sexual patterns, should motivate you to get the book. Poetry is trying for a comeback in SCR. (Poets take note.) Short stories by Norman Lock, Gaither Stewart and Arndt Britschi, all in a lighter vein for a change, can provide some respite from current unreal reality.

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Frank Thomas Smith, Editor
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Twin Tower Tales



Spiritual Cosmology 2

The Ahriman Conspiracy
Rudolf Steiner


Sowing Technology Agriculture against Nature?
Graig Holdrege/ Steve Talbott

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Adam, Eve, and the Serpent
Elaine Pagels
(reviewed by FTS)


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In the Time of the Comet
Norman Lock

The Girls from Negrar
Gaither Stewart

Santa Claus Sprains his Ankle
Arndt Britschi

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