Letters to the Editor

RE: Chess and Cheese in Crete

This beautiful package of poems touched my mind, which has been dull.  I will read this poetry often.  Hope my mind remembers!
Lovely Light,
Anna in Jemez

RE: Donald Also Rises? - The Far Right Continues to Build Its International

Dear Mary Dugan:

Thank you for your recent letter to the Southern Cross Review about my article about Donald Trump, which was forwarded to me by the editor. I am happy to hear about your work in the 1980s on behalf of Nicaragua. I, too, was thrilled when the Sandinistas ousted Somoza and I was very supportive of the Sandinista social programs in the 1980s.

And that is precisely why I feel it is so important to call out Daniel Ortega right now and voice my support for all the Sandinistas that he has thrown in jail or forced into exile. These include his former Vice President Sergio Ramirez who fled to Spain after the government tried to arrest him. Those who were not so lucky and are now in prison include former Sandinistas Hugo Torres, who freed Ortega from prison back in 1974, and Dora Tellez, who as health minister set up the health programs that you and I so admired in the 1980s.

Ortega broke with his former colleagues to make alliances with right-wing politicians, powerful business interests, and the Catholic Church. At this point, he governs from the far right, not the left. I would recommend that you read this article in NACLA, which has long been a reliable left-wing publication covering developments in Latin America.

If you care about Nicaragua and preserving the real legacy of the Sandinistas, I would urge you to take a fresh look at what Daniel Ortega is doing in Nicaragua.

"Vulgar and vicious" is actually an understatement when looking at how he has unraveled the Sandinista programs in order to serve his own thirst for power.

all the best,



John Feffer

Director, Foreign Policy In Focus

Institute for Policy Studies



RE: Spiritual Scientific Cosmology

Thank you for this wonderful introduction. I think it is so necessary to be very clear, as you have done superbly well, about how we have arrived today with our not-knowing. Or rather how we have arrived with the side of knowledge which is different from ancient sources, and of equal value to 'science'. It is difficult for most of us mere mortals to be able to distinguish between the personal, singular lower intellectual mind, and the fully integrated intellect of the higher mind guided by the Masters.

Gratefully, Therese Osborne

RE: Historia de la Antroposofía en Argentina

Que bueno!! Me agrado poder leer sobre el origen de la antroposofia en la argentina, con sus luces y sombras! Yo me acercó a la antroposofia allá x 1994, desde la medicina, y hoy sigo ese camino humildemente a 500km de Buenos Aires. Gracias!


Hola.  Gracias por el texto.  Excelente.

Quiero comentarte algo.  La casa escuela de Xul Solar también fue de alguna manera una Rama de la Antroposofía (Schneider le decía la Rama Argentina.) Xul Solar asistió a conferencias dictadas en Alemania por Rudolf Steiner y en su biblioteca tenía muchísimos libros de RS en alemán y francés.  Su  casa taller era un lugar de encuentro de artistas, poetas y escritores y XS les enseñaba las conferencias de Steiner. A su casa asistieron grandes escritores como Jorge Luis Borges y Leopoldo Marechal entre otros. Borges nombra a Steiner en un texto y Marechal en Adán Buenosayres describe entre otras cosas "la batalla de los ángeles" enseñada por Xul. Borges y Xul Solar también asistieron a la Rama de Florida en la que es hoy el colegio Rudolf Steiner y además Borges se reunía con el Sacerdote de la Comunidad de Cristianos y le explicaba el concepto antroposófico. (Hay varias anécdotas de todo esto).

Xul Solar pintó un retrato grafía de Rudolf Steiner que se exhibió en la Exposición los Pizarrones de Rudolf Steiner en el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (2000) y esta imagen también lo utilizó el Goetheanum para su almanaque del año 2000.

Abrazo enorme ,

Cecilia Bendiger

Retrato gráficao de Rudolf Steiner


Hi Frank, 

And they cried with a loud voice, saying, “How long, O Lord  [Rev 610] before you finish translating Judith von Halle's Pandemic 2?

Edward Shook

Ward, Colorado

Hi Edward,

I'll be finished in a week or two, but then it will take some months before it's actually published.