Letters to the Editor

RE: Breathe by Becky Hemsley

Becky hemsley,  what a beautiful poem Breathe. It reminds me of someone growing up and people have different opinions about that person. And now she can breath like she found peace or she now knows which  direction her life is going . Beautiful. 

Fiona Watson


This is an Amazing read. Thank you so much I can’t wait to read more keep writing.

Sherri Melancon


Made me cry. Made me think about the difficulties of fitting in and being yourself. 

Linda Hardy


Is a wonderful poem which helps validate how many women feel.

Regina Nimmo


Thank you for this beautiful poem. It made me lose my breathe because of the relevance to what I am experiencing in life right now. Tobin

Karin Tobin


This is an incredible poem.  I want to post it in my classroom to inspire my students. 

Susan Hirsch 

RE: Escape Route by Frank Thomas Smith

Por un momento me imagino viviendo la vida actual como el protagonista de Ruta de Escape. Suena como escapar de la vida que tanto pesa. Cuando y donde para ese escape. En la realidad?

Horacio Bessone

RE: A Girl I Knew by J.D.Salinger

A story full of angst and desire that is always present in Salinger’s writings as well as misogynistic tendencies( I sometimes think he was very much afraid of women) but Wow, this was first published by Goodhousekeeping in ’48 when I was 4 yrs old and I bet my mom read it and was informed by it in many ways. Thanks much.

Kendall Weaver

RE: Gorbachev by Gerhard Hafner

Thank you for your once again, great musing and offering. I would like to also offer up that this type of oppression (& silencing) is happening, right here in Australia and across the globe. Universities are preventing critical freed-thought in their students since 2020 and before.  
Yours, in appreciation 

Julie Allan

RE: A Military Rich in Dollars, Poor in People by Andrea Mazzarino

While I am not surprised by what Ms. Mazzarino wrote, and while I well know that our democracy here is on the thinnest of ice, it is disturbing to read about it. I hadn’t realized that our military is having troubles recruiting people, though everything she wrote provides good and logical reasons why this is so.

How do we improve things? I’m almost 82. I donate a lot to various charitable causes, donate to some political ones, and I just wrote 75 get-out-the-vote postcards. Wish I’d started earlier and written more. Of course I believe in honesty and I continue to be horrified by all the downright lying that people—mostly Republicans, it seems—do with impunity.

I hope with all my heart that ex-President Trump is indicted and convicted for all the unlawful things he has done. How else can any person in this country have even the beginnings of a handle on right and wrong?!

And how to provide good social services without be accused of being a socialist?!

Until this evening I’d never heard of the SouthernCrossReview. I was sent it by a woman friend who wanted me to read Becky Hemsley’s “Breathe.” Clearly my friend has had her share of criticism for being who she is. I believe she is now getting some good therapy. I am grateful for all the good up-bringing and advantages I have had.

I’ll keep my eyes out for another edition of the SouthernCrossReview. Thanks to whoever puts it out.

Anne Prescott

RE: Tango by Luisa Valenzuela

Qué buena ilustración, Frank! Tengo tu excelente traducción y me alegra que la revivas.

Gracias y abrazos.

Luisa Valenzuela


La vida es, o debería ser, como un tango, un baile, un corazón a flor de piel, inundado de música rea, abierto y respetuoso.


Horaco Bessone

RE: Reincarnation Blues


Qué buenos, alegres, estusiasmantes son tus Reincarnation Blues.
Bravo, gracias y abrazos,

Luisa Valenzuela


Cadencioso blues que me hace sentir probable, aún cuando no considero a Dios improbable, más bién inescrutable para mi terrena, anhelante y perfectible humanidad. Gracias Frank.

Horacio Bessone