Reincarnation Blues – Canto XII

by Frank Thomas Smith

Proof of God is in the hexagon,
It's not at all like the pentagon.
If you don't believe me, see the bee,
whose brain is smaller than a pea.

It never went to school to learn
the best way to make a hive
and yet its six-sided cells all yearn
to keep the baby-bees alive.

The other gon is the pentagon
whose five-sided wall well protects
the military-industrial-capitalist-complex:
It's what back home we'd call a con.

Proof of Mephisto is in the pentagon,
not at all like the hexagon.
If you don't believe me, see the waste-land:
the bodies burned and buried in sand.

The bee doesn't know what a hexagon is,
it worships the queen and gently gropes her;
he'd gladly give one if he knew how to kiss,
as a royal drone he enjoys her chamber.

Just a word of warning, friend:
If you believe that God's improbable,
when life is over and you're at the end,
He may consider you improbable.

Faith, Hope and Love is the way to go,
step by step or all at once.
Hum Reincarnation Blues, then you'll know;
and that, friend, is not a hunch.