Letters To the Editor

RE: Adrian's Way to a Universal Basic Income

Beautiful story, shared. I know Robert Anton Wilson wrote about basic income in the 70s. I'm all for it but must admit I haven't understood the 3fold path yet, but have grown up in a rebellious socialist, communist, anarchist environment in my teens. Only I couldn't let go of my opium for the people, religion, that stopped me to go further in that direction.

Susanne Oppong

RE: Breathe


I've often written poems myself,  for family weddings and loved ones,..

This however, resonated with me, and is absolutely beautiful...took me back to times gone by, was deeply touching, emotional and made my heart smile..

Thank you for sharing something so lovely..

Carole Elizabeth Bas


Ginormous, incredible, gorgeous, awesome, better than great, she should win 40 Oscars, 20 Tony's and sell one trillion copies and retire on Breathe!! Raise her boys and spend as much family time that she can embrace!! 

This is remarkable!! Bravo!!!

Monica Holbrooks


Dear Becky Hemsley

Thank you so much for sharing this poem, "Breath" , with us. It has inpired me, and I will shared it with my frineds, women fighting to hear their own hearts and find a path to live their dreams.

Please continue to inspire us with your words!

Elsa Nunes Jesus

Lisbon, Portugal


I've known these feelings all of my life, and now I know I'm no longer alone. 

Thank you Becky for using your words to touch me across the world in South Africa.

May you go on to touch many many tender hearts with your gift.

So much love to you

Anita Weedon

South Africa

RE: El Golem

Dear Sir or Madame,

I just find deplorable the illustration you printed along with Borges' El Golem. Shame on you all!

Prof. Alejandro Daniel Pecorelli

RE: Love in the Life of Spies – Chapter 1

Dear Frank,

thank you for the sequel. I cannot tie Frau Clement & Herr Jacks to this chapter yet, but I know the story will nicely come together eventually.

Cheers, Norbert Hanny

RE: The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene

Thank you for the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. I have never heard about Papyrus Berolinensis 8502. I tried to understand this teaching, it would be nice to see what these 7 challenges of the soul really mean and how these are connected to any other teachings of the Christ:

  1. darkness
  2. desire
  3. ignorance
  4. excitement of death
  5. kingdom of the flesh
  6. foolish wisdom of flesh
  7. wrathful wisdom.

Any ideas?

Norbert Hanny

RE: Tango by Luisa Valenzuela

I love the story Tango by Luisa Valenzuela, thank you for publishing it. It says so much about gender, economics, the pull of music and dance. Great story.

Linda Lucero

RE: The Talking Trees

Hi, Frank, 

Wonderful story. I'm sending it to my son to read it and translate it to my youngest granddaughters, 9- and 11-years-old (both Waldorf students.

Love, Valdemar Setzer. 

RE: Los Arboles Parlantes

Muchas gracias querido frank por esta bella y tan actual historia.     Un abrazo y que tengas un maravillloso 2023, llegando al ALMA DE MUCHOS haciendo triunfar la Verdad, el Bien y el AMOR.

Cariños, Cristina Luchelli.

RE: La Fiesta de Pascua y su trasfondo by Rudolf Steiner

Muchísimas gracias María Teresa por la bella y oportuna traducción de esta conferencia Pascual.

Saludos F Halbrich

PD y Gracias Frank por publicar