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Number 26 - May 2003

Nevermore, Paul Gaugin

The subject of the war with Iraq continues this month in "Editor's Page" and "Current Events", the latter with articles by a Spanish journalist and Argentina's foremost living writer, Ernesto Sábato.

Interviews with Paul Bowles - by Gaither Stewart, whose book of stories, some of which originally appeared here, has just been published in print. To order: http://order.windriverpress.com Also the Joel Wendt interview continues, this time by SCR readers.

Rudolf Steiner's lecture cycle on Karma comes next, followed by essays by Steve Talbott and Joe Tyson.

A new serialized book appears this issue: The "Free World" Robert Zimmer imagines, one without money that is, could make us happy that we're broke. "Jack Robinson" gets more complicated.

Our discovery, Mike Ingles, contributes another story. This one is about some young American hunters who find themselves hunting different game in a country suspiciously like Iraq.   

We have often enjoyed Bobby Matherne's book reviews here under the Southern Cross - so we thought you might like what hehas to say about the movies - old and new - he recently saw. By the way, if you haven't seen "Chicago" yet, this review could make you change your mind about going.

We've been neglecting poetry lately, so to make up for it a little, there are two poems, one shorty by Alan Jackson and the famous "Kubla Khan" by S. T. Coleridge. More next issue.

If you would like to participate in the SCR Email discussion list, where readers freely comment on articles, essays and stories that have appeared in SCR, as well as the topics in general, just click on the link below and send a blank email to subscribe. The list has been very active lately, ranging over philosophy, politics, Iraq (of course) and other topics. And no one has walked out in a rage.

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Table of Contents

Editor's Page
Is Bush mad - or just dumb?

Current Events

The Second Death of
Gary Cooper
Miguel Angel Bestenier

To the Children
Ernest Sábato


Paul Bowles
by Gaither Stewart

Joel Wendt: Candidate for President of the United States - II
by various readers


Manifestations of Karma
Lecture 6

Rudolf Steiner


Does the Future Compute?
Steve Talbott

  The Monks of the Ridge Joe Tyson

Serialized Fiction

The Free World
Robert Zimmer

Who Killed Jack Robinson
Frank Thomas Smith

Short Fiction

The Hunters
Mike Ingles

The Book
Frank Thomas Smith

Cinema Reviews

"Chcago" and more

by Bobby Matherne


The State and I
Alan Jackson

Kubla Khan
Samuel Taylor Coleridge