Authors' Guidelines

I would like to see:

--short fiction of any reasonable length, poetry, translations.

--essays on the social question, politics, economics, education, philosophy, religion, science. In fact, almost anything will be of interest to our readers. But remember, it must first interest me, so please send your best without typos or grammatical or spelling errors.

Manuscripts must be sent by e-mail only. To preserve puctuation and layout it is best to send the original Word format as an attached document.

Acceptance, or not (I hate the word 'rejection' as much as you do), will normally be confirmed within two weeks, unless I am out of town or otherwise prevented from keeping this promise.

Contributions will appear as a feature in the current issue for about two months, and thereafter will be available in "back issues" for two years.

Unfortunately, no payment can be made.

If you have work that you like very much and think that I will share your enthusiasm, please submit it. All rights are retained by the authors.  

Frank Thomas Smith, editor   mail to:[email protected]


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