Letters to the Editor


Re: True Tales
Dear Frank,


They should make a movie. I just finished reading your reminiscences as a youth in Brooklyn. It brought back fond memories, although I have never been to New York. I did once have to go to Philadelphia and believe me that was as far east as I ever want to go!  But, I did grow up in a smaller city with all the bent fences and brick apartment housing and crooked concrete dividers that somehow separated me (and sound like you) from the rest of the world. Yours is the second piece I have read about the A&P Stores, John Updike published his years ago. I'm sure you have read it. But your memoirs hit closer to home. I think you should expand this piece, after all I did not read anything about stick ball, work pants with firm creases, converse all-stars or Stetsons shoes (either split toes or Saratoga). And making love for the first time in a city surrounded by six million had to be a trick. Maybe you should write a screenplay. I just watched an old movie, "Somebody Up There Likes Me" starring Paul Newman, also based in New York City seems all these period pieces about the Big Apple win an Oscar. Who knows!  You could be next.

Mike Ingles

I'm downloading your Pegasus story to show to my daughter and read to my grandchildren. She has been living in Guatemala for 10 years and is just about to publish her own first Spanish-English childrens' book.  Thanks so much and I hope she will be inspired to get in touch with you. She went through Waldorf school.  Thanks again ...

Jade lamb and Emily Hassell
The Cascadia Society for Social Working

North Vancouver, BC

Frank, just spent some time reading the new stuff. You must be aware that you personally have undergone considerable change ( in my estimation, very positive changes) in the last several Bushian years. Your tone is -how can I say?- much more militant today, which I like and admire for you stick your neck out more than anyone like me who just sits back and says hard things without paying any price if it backfires. Your position also makes me proud to appear there. But this is not going to backfire. What this number of SCR describes is going to get worse, much worse I believe, before it gets better. I appreciated many of the articles - as you can imagine, I liked the one on patriotism and about the other state of democracy today. I enjoyed reading too about your early days in Brooklyn. That was a charming story of your relationship with Tiny and the Puertorican boy. Anyway a good, fat, intelligent and engagé number! Thanks.

Gaither Stewart,

How the hell am I supposed to recommend Southern Cross Review with babes like that on the cover page?

Los Angeles

My guess is that Frank has no ambitions to influence the Religious Right, which is prone to ban all such artworks with a vengeance, and instead uphold this most noble and aesthetic tradition of the SCR. When recommending it to friends, you could always emphasize, "Please don't look directly at the babes."


Er…if you’ll look closely at the “babe” on this issue’s cover, I believe you’ll be mollified. [Ed.]