Letters to the Editor


Re: On Immortality


A delightful essay. An offering of the subject of immortality to my soul which proved to be just 'my cup of tea!' 



Ron Spencer




As we are not able to prove if immortality exists or not, then between two hypothesizes rather to choose that which you like more. As for me, I believe in immortality. I imagine it as something essential, which contains all information about the person, as a seed of the plants, circulate in and from. But even then comes the question: till when? Don’t tell until we become the God. Is it the end of evolution then?

Love, Alfiya



Re: Getting Personal

My old friend and colleague Gaither Stewart’s essay reminds me of a scene in the movie, “The Godfather” when Michael Corleone explains to his brothers that if they can plant a gun in a restaurant bathroom that he (Michael) will kill both the mobster and the crooked police captain. His brother Sonny Corleone laughs and then says, “This is business and Michael you are taking this personal!”

Gaither, my brother, you are taking this much too personal. When most writers write they use words as a conveyance, a bridge to some truth, some understanding. Gaither writes frantic dispositions that somehow include such disjointed points of view as Judas and Paul Bowles, and Obama, and Trotsky, and Tolstoy and somehow makes the whole discourse sound reasonable and problematic.

I don’t know if it’s a talent or a curse. Keep it up, but remember-not so personal.


Mike Ingles


Re: Ebook Library


Hi thank you for the Ebooks. How can I get your other books and or translations of Anthroposophical materials and authors, or back issues of the review that I can search through? Sorry to be a pest. I am looking for things that are not easily available, or have not been translated officially and made generally available. For example, I found Theosophic/Esoteric Cosmology on rsarchive and it mentions your name. I am guessing this is something that was never translated into English and you did it yourself. Do you have other material like that? Hopefully I am making some sense here.

Thanks for the work you do. I just subscribed to the review.

Stephen Mattox

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