Letters to the Editor

Re: Karmic Relations by Rudolf Steiner

Comment about the Steiner karma lecture: The story of Garibaldi's love is just slightly inaccurate, as if small details matter. Anita's father had already passed away for years when Garibaldi spotted her in his telescope (it seems to be true), she lived then with her first husband, who she abandoned to follow Garibaldi. It was a really bad thing to do back then so her story was somewhat modified to omit it in the history books.
Couldn't you have 'like' buttons and comment boxes in SCR? :))


Re:The History and Actuality of Imperialism

Hello friends,

I am happy to tell you that thanks to your help and good will, it is possible for the Hebrew reader to read both Islam study notes which has been compiled by Steven Roboz, and the three lectures, The History and Actuality of Imperialism, by Rudolf Steiner. Hereby are the links to the translations to Hebrew in the internet site of our friend Daniel Zehavi: www.daniel-zehavi.co.il.
Islam study notes: www.daniel-zehavi.co.il/lectures/nf_l_islam.asp.
Translating the Islam study notes led to the discovery and translation to Hebrew of the History and Actuality of Imperialism: www.daniel-zehavi.co.il/lectures/nf_l_ga1961.asp.
Thank you very much for letting the people in Israel to get acquainted with this valuable Anthroposophic content, which can enable us to cope better with the changes in the world and especially with the turmoil in the Middle East.

Benzion Porat

Re: Ode to a Nightengale by John Keats

Magnificent Frank! I've never read Ode to a Nightingale but it already feels like I've know it all my life. And a nice piece of journalism to get Tarjei's writing in as a topical item. I like Philip K and will take a look at his andyour work.

Ted Wrinch

Re: The Adjustment Bureau Revisited by Frank Thomas Smith

Dear Frank,
Thank you for "The Adjustment Bureau Revisited" if only because, in some wierd, anthroposophically-tinged, fantastical way, it keeps my hope alive.
Stu Summer

Lovely story, or better... fable, pure fiction! I wish the president would have enough power to do something like that, but he doesn't. I wish the majority of american people would understand this terrible truth, but in the real America, half of society simpathises with the tea party and its fanatics.
Lets hope it happens some day. I enjoyed the story.


Re: La libertad y la Iglesia Católica por Rudolf Steiner

Gracias por traducir esta conferencia al Español. ¿No puedes ofrecer más contenido en Español?

Juan D.
Costa Rica

Re: Bradley Manning – American Hero by Chase Madar

Bradley Manning may be a hero to you, but to me and many other Americans he's a traitor who deserves his punishment...whatever it is. As a soldier with a security clearance, he was trusted with sensitive information. Revealing it could lead to serious damage to his country. Thank goodness he didn't have a top secret clearance.

M/Sgt (retired) USA – no name supplied.

Re: The Twin Towers and the Space Between: September 11 Revisited by Gisela Wielki

An article apt to be long remembered by all who read it.

John Moses

Re: Southern Cross Review.org
Thank you for such an outstanding periodical. If only this was available at the super- market check-out counter instead of the trash about our "Celebrity" tramps.
Luv ya.

Jim Outlaw