Letters to the Editor


RE: Esoteric Lessons for the First Class of the School for Spiritual Science


Dear Frank Thomas Smith,


I will read with interest your English translations of the Esoteric Lessons in comparison with the English language edition published in 1994 by the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain.  Those volumes are publicly available, but of limited supply and of great expense; not as much "in public availability" as on the web.


Perhaps you are translating from the German online edition posted by a site in Russia?


I do appreciate that you translate School “for” Spiritual Science, rather than School “of”.


Are you yourself a Class Member?



Barry Lia,

Seattle WA


The translation is being made from the original volumes in German published by the Rudolf Steiner Estate in 1977. [Editor]



I hereby register my objection to your site because:


1.  You have put Class Texts on line, contrary to a reasonable understanding of the nature of the Class.  Other precedents are no excuse.


2.  Your cover picture does neither you nor Anthroposophy credit.


N C Thomas


Re: One Citizen's Misadventure in Securityland by Ann Jones


I loved the style in which the article was written, but I shudder at the obvious fact that security hysteria has led to a "Big brother" situation where nobody is totally safe fron suspicion and/or harrasment.

Alex Horochowski,

Villa de las Rosas,




RE: Karmic Relations by Rudolf Steiner


A short footnote on Garibaldi: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society,  fought alongside with Garibaldi in the battle of Mentana on Nov. 3rd, 1867. She was seriously wounded there. 


Robert Herold



RE: SouthernCrossReview.org Nr. 79

Ay!  Frank!  Your very reasonable and totally sound sounding defense of the female nude banner on top of your every issue notwithstanding..., it still feels like your earlier critics were onto well, how to put this?... a subtle little...  something. Still there, still a subtle little something... else... going on.

Me: totally objective, totally not morally outraged, totally not prudish (in case something so klunky actually needs to be said), not squeamish, etc., etc., or anything remotely of the sort.

Still.  Something.  I am not going to offer any suggestions as to what; Just wanting to say: it's not 'all us'. There's something goin' on there... with you, ...which (I will say) somehow... distracts...


Rick Reitz, appreciative reader...,who came to your pub through interest in RS and Anthroposophy.


RE: Paul the Octopus Retires by R. Ariel Gómez


Engaging, wonderfully paced, perfect descriptions…deep. Easy for the reader to be immersed into the circumstances, entrapped by the plot, transported to when everything started. I am looking forward to read more contributions from Dr. Gomez.


Horacio F. Zaglul,

Lexington, KY