Letters to the Editor


RE: 2012 and World Pentecost by Robert Powell


Great synopsis of Steiner, Hindi and Mayan philosophies. I was looking for something like this for some time now. Thanks,

Maarten Bos,


Deeply humbled, feeling strengthened to meet what comes with insight.  Thankful. I have many questions but hesitant to explore as there are many chem trails crossing my sight to the sky and hindering my simple sun gaze at sunset through the trees.  Not liking this so much i feel interfered with but still must go make dinner anyway and make it good.  Inter-feared with is a better way of putting it.  My best to you.  Xxox


Kendall Weaver




RE: En Brasil me llaman Jackie Robinson


Excelente!! Tiene algo de verídico?

Hernán Melana,



RE: They Call Me Jackie Robinson in Brazil

Dear Frank,


I really like the Jackie Robinson story. Very well done. Amusing, interesting! The prose flows. Only, the last paragraph where you sum up everything that happened afterwards is so condensed. If you ever rewrite, could you make that a little longer, maybe more than a paragraph.




P. S. I enjoy reading your stories and almost always skip the fiction in the New Yorker, for whatever that's worth.

Susan J Feingold, D.Sc
Administrator, Ars Musica Chorale on Facebook
Popular Science Writer


RE: Corelli's Mandolin


Yes, nice and punchy review. I read it a good 10 or so years ago. A very good read and the end (all those lost years! ) haunts me still. 

Mark Rossell


Dear Frank,


I loved the review and was particularly amused by the wonderful Greek saying you quote about the duration of love. I will certainly read the book so I thank you in advance for recommending it.


Sue (Susan Feingold)


Dear editor,


I Like it! Many thanks for your efforts, achievements and dissemination; I read a number of excellent texts in SCR; I wish you continued success and pleasures with this projects (dolce et utile).


Bojan Radej, chairman of Slovenian Evaluation Society