Letters to the Editor

RE: Apologia

Dear friends,
As a member of the Ersten Klasse der Freien Hochschule since May, 2013, I would be very interested in the translations of the Esoteric Klasses vol. 1-3 as a pdf. I was born and raised in San Diego, California, and have lived in Germany for 42 years. We are working on the 13th Lesson, where the 3 Tafeln are given. I feel that sometimes a good translation would be a help to me.
With much gratitude to Frank Smith for his work.
Very sincerely,
Aileen Nowaczek

RE: The Dance of Shadows in America

As someone who has known Chris [Christofer Schaefer] for 20 years, off and on, it pains me to see him repeat many of the common falsehoods about Mr. Trump. This is not the place for me to detail them point by point (but I could given sufficient motivation.) Instead, I would just like to observe his silence concerning the media attacks on Trump.  The NYTimes has taken the lead role in this agenda, which should be enough of a warning to readers of the Southern Cross, as their record as a government shill for every war that has come along is well-documented.  They have not earned our trust, but instead the opposite.  Why have they viciously attacked him?  Why have they ignored the gross crimes of Hillary and Obama?  These two questions have the same answer.
His other descriptions of the Shadow are, on the other hand, spot on and bear much study and repetition.  If instead he had based his motivation on the absurd control the two political parties have over every election rather than the dangers of Trump, his article would have been ten times stronger.

Bill Camp

I started to read the schaefer piece but gave up after the fourth paragraph. The implication is pretty clear – trump is guilty as charged, but Clinton was a victim of partisan politics. Please.
Calamity was avoided when Clinton lost the election (despite overwhelming media bias and most likely some election fraud as well). I’m quite happy with Trump.
Bob Cohen

Please remove me from your mailing list.

What used to be a welcoming and enlightening post has become politically mindless. You had an opportunity to rise above it; you failed spectacularly.
Gerald Brennan

Christopher Schaefer replies: "In my article on The Dance of Shadows in America, I list my sources and my opinions.. I clearly think that Mr. Trump's election is a tragedy for the United States and the World. Does Bill [Camp]think otherwise and what are his sources of news and what facts can he marshal to support them ? In an unheard of step over 50,000. health professionals in the United States have gone against their professional code of conduct and signed a petition declaring Trump mentally unfit for office. I agree and I think you only have to look at him and listen to him to recognize that here is a person in whom his higher self is no longer active. He is a puppet of the counterforces and could start a war on a whim. Evidently because Ivanka was upset by the alleged Syrian gas attack on a rebel village and over supper at his estate in Florida he decided to launch a retaliatory rocket attack on a Syrian airbase. I have enclosed another recently published article on political events here called Navigating Chaos in the Age of Trump. I hope you and your readers find it interesting.
All good wishes,
Christopher Schaefer

Navigating Chaos in the Age of Trump

RE: Cyd Charisse

Qué precioso testimonio, pensamiento! Qué sensibilidad la suya!
Ha sido un placer leerle.
Laura Rios

There's a Shadow 'Cross the Nation

Love the poem. Seems like I could hear it sung …a guitar….a room for listening heart, minds.
Robert Thibodeau

RE: Death Be Not Proud – or- Life After Eighty

Dear FTS
Even though I am only a sexagenarian I enjoyed the essay greatly. (Did you really write it in Feb 2016 or is it dementia?)
Peter Surguy

Yes, February 2016, as far as I can remember. [Ed.]