Letters to the Editor

RE: First Class Lessons

Dear Frank,

We just received the 3 First Class Volumes. Today we studied Lesson 10 at home:

No need to get up before 5 am, travel 200 kms, one of us being partly disabled.

We are 2 old retirees, and it was great, Thanks for the speed of delivery, and for the amazing fact that they came free of chargeJ.

We cannot express how grateful we are. Many many thanks for the wonderful work, made so easily and freely available.

Kind regards,

Stephen & Francine Schnell

Ps: we are members of the First Class in Sydney, Australia


Note: Rudolf Steiner's Lessons for the First Class of the Free School for Spiritual Science are available free of charge as pdf files. Scroll down to "Anthroposophy" on the SCR Ebook Library page. [ed.]

RE: Death be not Proud

As an octogenarian myself, the essay atracted my attention. I enjoyed the reflections about the meaning of death and the possibilities of an afterlife.

As I learn about the nagnitude of the cosmos as it is being displayed for us by science, it is almost impossible to keep from thinking about the existence of a higher being, higher order (God?). What I find hard to imagine is the idea of the persistence of an individual spiritual being after death. I tend to believe that the scenario of an immortal individual spirit arises from the enormous human conceit of being unable to accept our own disappearance at the time of death. Our need to believe in some kind of eternity has led to the different kinds of "eternity" according to each religion. Whether we mutate into other spiritual beings or reincarnate with a different shape or personality, the whole idea is to convince ourselves of some kind of immortality. Supreme human conceit.

Yet, the concept is charming.

Alex Horochowski
Los Molles, Argentina

Well said, Frank. In my middle 70s I look forward to the glory of my 80s. I recall Johnny Carson interviewing a 103-year-old Jazz musician. He asked him, “At 103, do you have any regrets about your life?” The man thought for a moment and answered, “You know, Johnny, if I had known that I would have lived so long, I would have taken better care of myself.”

Bobby Matherne

RE: The Slaughterer

On a lighter note... On my qwest for my spirituality I decided that Jesus was a Jew and we should be Jews... So I started going through a conversion. I learned Hebrew and all that. Weeks before my mikvah I realized that I believed in Christ. Said thank you very much and moved on. But during this time I ended up in a lot of Jewish things in saint Louis park. All these Israelis would show up to stuff. They would kill chickens and then swing them over their heads three times. The idea is that you put your sins on the chicken and the three times do something? I don't remember. Well this rabbi decided to kill a chicken in a helicopter and then circle this city in Israel three times to take the sins off the whole city. The Israeli military sent planes to shoot the helicopter down because they are no fly zones. They didn't ice the rabbi but I find this very... Interesting... Strange... You know even if you are curcumsized and you convert they poke your penis to draw blood symbolically anyway.

Andrea Renae Marrapodi

"Yoineh Meir wanted to escape from the material world, but the material world pursued him." This might sum up a central thought in Jewish world view, a view that doesn't try to escape the material aspects of life but to order them according to spiritual concepts - including sex life, meat, war and every other flashy business. To this one may add the old reminisence of animal sacrifice, still alive in the weird chicken slaughter ceremony - a custom not practiced anymore by most of the Jews yet refuses to disappear completely (most of the Jews, non-orthodox included, would attend synagogue occasionally, but only a small part of the orthodox would still practice this costume).
Bashevis Singer was a clear-minded vegetarian in a society almost alien to the the idea. Yet vegetarianism grows also in Jewish society, and traditionally it is believed that Adam and Eve were vegetarians, and that Humanity will turn vegetarian again when the Messiah comes. So, again and from another point of view, one may see the meaning of perceiving messianic age as "come to be" rather than "already is" - a full transformation of human nature is not expected, yet a tension towards this transformation always grips the soul - as in the case of Yoineh meir...

Guy Paz

RE: Evermore

Me encantó Evermore...ahora sigo leyendo los otros articulos.
Cecilia Bendinger

Muchas gracias por compartir!! Que regalo poder leer su vida a través de sus letras !!! Una belleza, como he llorado, un gran abrazo!!
Ana Marcela Lopez Lara

Hola, Frank. Me gustó mucho el cuento "Evermore". Tengo una corrección una sugerencia y una anécdota: 

1- Maradona no jugó el mundial 78´. Sí jugó el 86' 

2- Tendrías que haber mencionado que el portero Sebastián a causa del trauma de ver al fantasma, cambió su vida casta y familiar por una de libertinaje.

3- Mireya, es muy popular en la escuela, pero es conocida como "Juancito", el fantasma del jardín. De todas formas, en el mundo espiritual no hay sexos.