Letters to the Editor

RE: SouthernCrossReview.org

Hi Frank
Thanks so much for SCR. I do value your work. It seems, however, that I’m getting a slew of email lately, each with single SCR pieces. Can you adjust my delivery so I only get the one full issue each month?
Thanks again, and carry on!

Scott Fielding

Sorry Scott, but it's an automatic program that only subscribes or unsubscribes. There's no way to arrange for you to receive only the bi-monthly issue. I've found that when receiving individual items instead of only the bi-monthly issue, people actually read each item instead of just leafing through. On the other hand, I have received a number of un-subscribes by people who don't like receiving so many emails - something I sympathize with, but not enough to go back to the old system. About the only thing you can do, is unsubscribe, then try to remember to look at SCR every two months to see if anythings' changed. Personally I'd prefer you hang in there.
Kind regards,

All good Frank, thank you. I’ll probably then move over to another email address I keep instead. Not going anywhere. 



Thank you for the range of topics and appealing stories. Still, there is a frequent display problem, with, like in this case, letters aligning vertically in a massive column. Not really readable. And, to be honest, I much preferred your previous review “anthologies,” at regular intervals. One sets time aside and expects a variety of content for those times. This is wonderful. Most subscriptions to online mags and so on work that way. Now it’s all a little ungrounded and uncentered. Maybe I am wrong, but I can’t help that impression. I am holding down a job, or two, and my mind is on things unable to unexpectedly deal with these review items. In the end, things get lost in the general mail flood.
But still, I am very happy to try and keep up with your articles as much as possible.

Best regards,
Nick Maync-Matsumoto

RE: My Favorite Drug

Thank you for Walter Alexander's article. It is probably a bit too long, but it shows an exercise of reason and common sense that is all too rare on online material today when so many actors are far more concerned with manipulating public opinion than with truth.
David Adams

RE: To Hunt a Nazi

Excellent—looking forward to reading your book!! I went to Auschwitz 7 and a half years ago on an anthro tour with Peter Selg and others. Deeply affected by the experience of this place where “The Spirit of Truth” blazes from the ash-filled soil. My ancestors came to the US earlier, but some of my wife’s relatives escaped by a whisker and others did not. For me, Primo Levi is the most trenchant of all reporters, and he ultimately could not escape the dark pull of that event.

Kind regards,
Walter Alexander


The whole atmosphere you create reminds of the Cold War too. Brings to mind great Le Carre stories and movies: Funeral in Berlin, The spy who came in from the cold. You're adding notches: first Mickey Spillane, now Le Carre...congrats.

Freddy Halbrich

RE: I Am the Greatest

Who is asking this question? I am an artist, a self-appointed authority at being able to enjoy with delight what appears before my reading eyes. I have never found any article, except this particular one, so hilariously entertaining. I have laughed with hot tears running from my eyes, thinking behind the separating tramsome: There is hope! I was so delighted by reading this article. I lack words to describe my enjoyment.

Anja Hovland

RE: Wind

The poems by Gwendolyn Bennet in issue 136 are glimpses into a beautiful world. Thank you for including them.

Jennifer Groves


I consider the poems really masterful.  Would love to have all her poems if they have been published in a book.! 

Shirley Anderson

RE: Slaughter-Central

Thanks for reprinting this, Frank. As Tom says, our weaponized culture of arms production and human slaughter does blur out of focus. We live in an empire, but we are denial about the ways and means of empire, primarily because it suits the self-interest of our small and petty selves to focus on the “survival of the fittest” and the accumulation of the latest fads in consumer goods. I sometimes wonder if the common people of Rome felt the same. Did they know they benefited from the far flung garrisons, or did they just take their lifestyles for granted and focus on living day to day?
As I’ve said before, I appreciate your bigger perspective on the daylight world and Anthroposophy.

Warm regards,
Edward Tazer Myers


Tom Engelhardt’s article is very distressing.  I once was proud to be an American and loved my country.  Now I'm reminded of the saying, “Stop the world; I want to get off!!”
Is there ANYTHING an ordinary citizen can do to change the increasing threat of terrible worldwide destruction? Could even a benevolent leader anywhere do much that would be effective?
Is there a reason to share the bad news??? I’ll perhaps be jumping off too soon to die from the mass destruction, as I’m old.  What can the next generations do beyond lament before they or their children die violently?

Beverly Polt in California

RE: The last Letter

Dear Frank,
Congratulation on publishing this marvelous Giudicissi poem. It is the Alpha & Omega of love. I love these lines:

after all
that has been between us,
after all
we have already said,

Thank you!
Lynn Strongin

RE: Beyond Donald Trump

Of course, the source of all of that, the elephant in the room, has been left out. Therefore the author may stay in the realm of a respected and well paid writer with honorable references to show. The root of all that, including the other side of the economic coin, socialism/communism, is SEXISM.

Without that, selective breeding and "racial purity" would be impossible. The only reason women are today allowed to participate in the international power plays, is that we have been coerced to imitate "masculine" behavior, while hating and starving our bodies to resemble teenager Barbie dolls, shaved with normed sized and shaped silicone breasts. The fact that today all CEOs of weapon producing companies in the USA come in female looking bodies proves that. Participating in combat is celebrated as the highest ideal of eMANcipation, while our children are called "kids" and are supposed to be born with cesarian cut and raised by government agencies while we struggle in several jobs to keep roofs over our heads. And have you ever noticed that almost all female news anchors look alike, dolls, especially the blonde ones? And have you looked up who of US and international prominence has been on Jeffrey Epstein's list, to denounce the belief in a global network of satanist pedophiles a crazy myth? Just asking (the author) …
Otherwise I greatly appreciate your website and frequent dispatches.

Susanne Oppong

RE: Esoteric Lessons for the First Class of the Free School for Spiritual Science

I pray that all is well and in perfect alignment for you and your family. As per your instructions on the SCR I’d like a copy of the Esoteric Lessons for the First Class of the Free School for Spiritual Science by Rudolf Steiner - Volume One through Three. I feel blessed to have come across your translation of the first class lessons. I’ve gotten through the first four lessons which are up on the RS archives site before I decided to purchase the physical book translated by T. H. Meyer.
However, there was something I found lacking in his version which your translation seems to have. So here I am reaching out to you.


Apologies for some letters left out due to a computer crash. [Ed.]