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Number 42, September 2005


"Magdalene in a Flickering Light" - George de La Tour (1593 - 1652)



“Thus thinking is characterized as that factor through which man works his way spiritually into reality…Outside of thinking there is nothing to characterize reality for what it is. Hence we must not imagine that the reality guaranteed by sense perception is the only one. Whatever comes to us by way of percept is something that, on our journey through life, we simply have to await. The only question is, would it be right to expect, from the point of view that this purely intuitively experienced thinking gives us, that man could perceive spiritual things as well as those perceived with the senses? It would be right to expect this.”

Rudolf Steiner – “The Philosophy of Freedom”

We start with a Special Feature this issue: Cindy Sheehan talking to her friends and followers at Camp Casey. (If you don't have the audio program, you can read the transcript; but we highly recommend that you listen if you can.) She isn't only right in what she says, she has the emotional strength and charisma to put it across.

In the “Editor’s Page” I describe my personal views with respect to the Intelligent design - Evolution controversy.

Some writers in "Letters" have taken the time to agree or disagree with our thoughts in the previous issue. We thank them all for their interest.

The "Features" section is directly related to the cover photo of Mary Magdalene. New biblical research has taken a new look at the mysterious Magdalene - as has fiction - and has certainly increased her stature. Articles by Karen L. King and Ed Conroy will give you an idea of what the more serious investigators are saying. We would also like to bring your attention to a new Ebook in our Ebook library: a fictional account of the relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus by the renowned German writer, Luise Rinser. We have been serializing this book in SCR for the past few months and this issue brings us to the final chapter. Click here for more information and to order.

“Politics and Society” contains five articles, the first three by E.L. Doctorow, James Carroll and Bill Moyers attack George W. Bush directly. Then comes Henry Kissinger. Who? The fifth article is by Mark Twain, who hasn't been reincarnated, but who can nevertheless tell us somethng about the confusions of war.

Another story in a bilingual presentation is offered in the "Children's Corner".

Rudolf Steiner’s autobiography continues under “Anthroposophy”, along with memories of him when he was young by the acclaimed German writer Stefan Zweig; a philosophical piece by Ken McClure, and a brief introduction to anthroposophy by your editor.

The “Fiction” section offers a new short story by Neal Dorenbosch, followed by our three serialized books.

An unusual (to say the least) poem by new poet Joseph E. Edwards precedes a W.H. Auden classic.

You can find us under the Southern Cross constellation in the Traslasierra Valley, Province of Córdoba, Argentina. Visitors always welcome. Just follow the sign that reads: La Cruz del Sur. See you next time.

Frank Thomas Smith, editor
[email protected]

Jo Ann Schwartz, associate editor
[email protected]

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Table of Contents

Special Feature

Cindy Sheehan
Talks at Camp Casey

Editor's Page

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution - or Not?



The First Christians:
Women in Ancient Christianity

Karen L. King

Mary Magdalene

Ed Conroy

Politics & Society

The Unfeeling President
E. L. Doctorow

The Bush Crusade
James Carroll

9/11 and the Sport of God
Bill Moyers

Lessons for an Exit Strategy
Henry A. Kissinger

The Private History of a Campaign that Failed
Mark Twain

Children's Corner
Rincón infantil

Los vendedores de limonada

The Lemonade Sellers
Frank Thomas Smith


The Story of My Life - 3
Rudolf Steiner

The Pre-anthrosophical
Rudolf Steiner

Stefan Zweig

The Fate of Reason
Ken McClure

Anthroposophy -
an Introduction

Frank Thomas Smith


Ladybugs and Angels
Neal Dorenbosch

Miryam - final
Luise Rinser

The Frequent Flyer - 12
Frank Thomas Smith

1984 - Chapter 2
George Orwell


Pandora's Pearl
A Post Modern Myth

Joseph E. Edwards VIII

September 1, 1939
W.H. Auden