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Number 48, August-September 2006

Les Grandes Baigneuses - August Renoir (France)

Borges, already blind, has been appointed Director of the National Public Library:
"If I think of Buenos Aires, I think of the Buenos Aires I knew as a boy: of low houses, of patios, of vestibules, of wells, of barred windows, and that Buenos Aires was then all Buenos Aires. Now it is only conserved in the Sur; so I felt that I had returned to the neighborhood of my elders. When I checked that the books were there and I had to ask my freinds their titles, I remembered a phrase by Rudolf Steiner in his book about Anthroposophy (which was the name he gave to Theosophy). He said that when something ends, we must think that something begins. The advice is helpful, but difficult to carry out, because we know what we have lost, but not what we have gained. We have a very precise image, a sometimes harsh image of what we have lost, but we don't know what can replace it, or happen..."

Jorge Luis Borges

Welcome to the current issue of Southern Cross Review, with its appetizing contents, admittedly not for all tastes. We start off with some new arguments for the impeachment of President Bush – and include the V.P. If you open this page on September 1 (and many other sites as well), you will see something you didn’t expect – unless you have already read the “Editor’s Page”.

The “Features” section highlights Jorge Luis Borges in English and Spanish, Albert Schweitzer, and Norman Green (on Isaac Beshevis Singer).

“Current Events” offers contributions from Jonathan Schell (highly recommended), more of the fantastic “Girlblog” from Iraq, a report from Lebanon by Robert Fisk, meditations about the effect of bombs on children by Starhawk and a new essay by Gaither Stewart.

And “Fiction” is ripe with Roberto Fox reporting again from Buenos Aires, ex-copper Bob Cohen from Times Square, new author Stephanie Nolasco with a juicy multicultural story also from the Big Apple, and Gaither Stewart from the hills of Italy. The Frequent Flyer concludes (finally) and Orwell’s 1984 continues.

Another bilingual children’s story by your editor fills up the “Children’s Corner” – which has turned out to be very popular, by the way.

A cosmological piece by Prof. Konrad Rudnicki, from Poland, is in the “Science” section.

“Anthroposophy” includes a chapter of Albert Schweitzer’s memoirs in which he describes his friendship with Rudolf Steiner; also a lecture by Alfred Heidenreich. Rudolf Steiner’s “Astronomy Course” and his autobiography are continued.

In “Poetry” you will find poems by Robert Buchanan (about Judas), Rubén Darío (Nicaragua) and Yours Truly.

A new Ebook is now available in our Ebook Liberary (free of charge as always): Rudolf Steiner's The Philosophy of Freedom ready to print in pdf format. If you're in a thinking mood and would like to investigate the philosophical basis of what was later to become known as Anthroposophy, this is for you.

We'd like to remind you that all the articles, stories, poems, etc. ever published in Southern Cross Review are available in our extensive ARCHIVES. Our E-book Library contains free e-books which will be of interest to many of you.

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Table of Contents

Current Events

No Time for Empire
Jonathan Schell

Baghdad Burnng - III

Report from Lebanon
Robert Fisk

While the Bombs Fall

Religion and Moral Relativism
Gaither Stewart


April Cruel
Roberto Fox

A Cobra in Times Square
Bob Cohen

The Bartender's Girlfriend
Stephanie Nolasco

Voices from Pisalocca
Gaither Stewart

The Frequent Flyer - Conclusion
Frank Thomas Smith

1984 - Chapter 8
George Orwell

Children's Corner
Rincón infantil

A Visit to the Stars

Una visita a las estrellas
Frank Thomas Smith


The Cosmological Principle
of Ancient India

Konrad Rudnicki


Friendship with Rudolf Steiner
Albert Schweitzer

The Risen Christ and the Etheric Christ
Alfred Heidenreich

The Relationship of the Diverse Branches of Science and Astronomy-4
Rudolf Steiner

The Story of My Life - 9
Rudolf Steiner


The Ballad of Judas Iscariot
Robert Buchanan

Metempsicosis (Sp. & Eng.)
Rubén Darío

Ode to all (& more)
Frank Thomas Smith