Letters to the Editor


Re: Anniversary Edition

Dear Editors,


Congratulations on seven years of publishing the "Southern Cross Review." My wife and my analyst both think I should not be reading magazines about Anthroposophy, Bush bashing and fiction about Shamans and time travel, but I do so enjoy the picture of the naked women each month. My psychiatrist, Dr. Piston Rod (his friends and patients call him Piss) told me that I am a woman trapped in a man's body, but the woman is gay so everything should work out all right. She and I get along well and both very much like your magazine. She enjoys Gaither Stewart and as I said I like the naked women. I do have a suggestion for the magazine, how about a Cook's Corner each month with recipes and pictures of naked women in the kitchen. She suggests a monthly article about hunting. It's squirrel hunting in Ohio now, followed this fall by rabbit, wild pig and open Bush season. I would like to try hunting, but my wife thinks that giving me a gun is a bad idea. Well it's time for my medicine. Again congratulations on the seven-year milestone and we look forward to next month's picture.  


Mike Ingles

Columbus, Ohio



Great edition!

Ian Jordaan



Re: Election Letter


Dear Frank,

I am not a US citizen. Though I hate what Bush is doing, would the democrats be really much better in the present situation.

Best wishes,

Michael Friedjung



And above all: Vote early and vote often.

Michael Howell



Hi, Frank,

Congratulations! Let us hope the US election results will mark the beginning of end to lies, ruthless cheating and a certain madness.

Un abrazo,

Lai Holms



Good letter! Thanks for sending it. Every time I think it can't get any worse, it gets worse. It is shameful what has happened to our country.

Michael A. Olson

Drayden, MD


Dear Frank,

Yes, I'm voting tomorrow and I'm voting Democratic.  Massachusetts voters are very independent and the governor's race will probably be won by the Democrats.  Our Senators are not up for re-election - both are Democrats anyway.


Thank you for your efforts.  I've passed your letter on to a fellow publisher who does not vote at all.  I hope your arguments sway him.


I registered years ago as a Republican - the kind of Republican of 40 or 50 years ago.  The Republican party of today does NOT represent my views at all.  I've registered as "decline to state", "independent", and also Democrat depending on the state and the primary at the time.  Right now I'm "undeclared" in MA, but voting Democratic.


Take care,

Pam Fenner


Well said. And, thank you!

Carolyn Perez





As radical as ever. Love it, (and agree !!).


Rene L.

Buenos Aires



I appreciate the earnestness and sincerity of this email. It is misguided, however, to associate the entire Republican Party with the Bush Admin. and with neocons.  Bush's low approval ratings are reflective of conservative discontent as well, and a vote for a Republican Congressperson is not necessarily a vote for the neocon agenda. 


The neocons will be out with the Bush administration in two years. The best thing Dems can do is give Americans something to vote -for-.  It bothers me that you're promoting the Democratic Party only as an alternative to the Bush Admin., and ignoring the Democratic Party platform -- 6 in 2006.  Now, as usual, the Democrats are their own worst enemy: when the finally have a message, they don't get it out, choosing instead to bash the entire Republican Party through Bush.


Jim Rovira





Thanks for the directive. I already voted early here in Texas - a straight Democratic ticket. Let's keep our fingers crossed for Tuesday evening.



Chris Woods


In reaction to the “Election Letter” we received a number of very short “thanks”, “right on” replies. Thanks to all those who wrote. We also received 7 subscription cancellations – less than expected. [Ed.]


Re: Three Version of Judas


What about some citations for the Borges article and the Gospel of Judas?  Where and when did the latter emerge?  Is Borges' article fiction, criticism or scholarship? 

Stu Summer


The citations were omitted when the Borges piece first went up. Thanks to Stu Sommer’s mail, they were included a few days later. They are particularly important, because Borges described his piece as a “christological fantasy”, whereas it could easily be mistaken for serious research. [Ed.]


What happened to Roberto Fox? Busy with a difficult case?


Marcos Smith


Roberto has just completed a very difficult case (although it had its pleasant side as well). He hasn’t gotten around to reporting it yet, but he has promised me that it will be in my hands in time for the next issue. Thanks for asking. [Ed.]