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Number 49, September-October 2006

Zhang Yibo (China 1962 - )

Welcome to the seventh anniversary issue of Southern Cross Review. Jo Ann and I are celebrating, lounging around the SCR cyper-pool in our bikinis (mine is far more modest that hers), sipping frozen daiquiris. You can join us as long as you bring your own liquid refreshment and issue number 49 hasn't been succeeded by number 50. And if you're interested in historical events, you can check out SCR Number One, published in Septembr, 1999, by clicking here.

And yet, and yet…to deny temporal succession, to deny the I, to deny the astronomical universe, are obvious desperations and secret consolations. Our destiny (as opposed to Swedenborg’s inferno and the inferno of Tibetan mythology) is not appalling for being unreal; it is appalling because it’s irreversible and absolute. Time is the substance of which I am made. Time is a river which engulfs me, but I am the river; it is a tiger which dismembers me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire which consumes me, but I am the fire. The world, unfortunately, is real; I, unfortunately, am Borges.

Freund, es ist auch genug. Im Fall du mehr willst lesen, So geh und werde selbst die Schrift und selbst das Wesen. (Friend, it is also enough. In case you want to read more, Go then and yourself will be the Written and yourself the Being.) Angelus Silenius

Jorge Luis Borges – “Otras inquisiciones”

The Editor's Page takes a break from bashing Bush in order to concentrate of ghosts - real or imaginary.

The “Features” section is dedicated to the apostle Judas, ex-bad guy, about whom Borges had doubts long before most of us did.

“Education” offers an article by an anthroposophical doctor which contains new ideas and treatments for emotionally ailing kids – without drugs.

In “Current Events”, an article by Peter Galbraith tells us how to get out of Iraq, a current situation, and George Orwell talks about the political bending of language, which is unfortunately still going on long after he noticed it.

We also offer more cool fiction this month: FTS gets lost and found in an exciting airline tale of time; Bob Cohen gives us a good-guy (sort of) cop story from the Big Apple; Gaither Stewart gets deep into weird religion in Italian village life; Thomas Mann (yes, the Thomas Mann) gets revenge from wherever he is, and Orwell’s 1984 continues.

I hope the kids will enjoy their bilingual pizza in the “Children’s Corner" (Rincón infantil).

In the “Science” section, R.H. Brady writes a brilliant article concerning the doubts about and dogma in – Darwinism. James Lovelock, the great ecologist of Gaia fame, surprisingly now advocates nuclear energy as a solution to the global warming crisis. And Konrad Rudnicki meditates on the Ancient Greek Cosmological Principle, following last month’s Ancient Indian Cosmological Principle.

If you didn’t know that a Fifth Gospel exists - outside the Church Canon and academic discourse – check out the Anthroposophy section for the first installment by Rudolf Steiner, as well as the next chapter of his autobiography.

Poetry includes classics by Coleridge and Whitman and a not-yet classic by a new (for us) poet, Wilhelm Klein.

A favorable review – but with regrets about its political impact - of the new flick “World Trade Center” makes up the “Movie Review” section, and Bobby Matherne is back with a review of a Mario Vargas Llosa’s non-fiction work, which will especially interest writers.

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Table of Contents

Current Events

How to get out of Iraq
Peter W. Galbraith

Politics and the English Language
George Orwell


Lost Time
Frank Thomas Smith

The Priest and the Shaman
Gaithr Stewart

Thomas Mann

1984 - Chapter 9
George Orwell

Children's Corner
Rincón infantil

The Red-headed Pizza

La pizza pelirroja
Frank Thomas Smith


Dogma and Doubt
R. H. Brady

The Whole World in Our Hands
James Lovelock and Tim Radford

The Ancient Greek
Cosmological Principle

Konrad Rudnicki


The Fifth Gospel - I
Rudolf Steiner

The Story of My Life - 10
Rudolf Steiner


Kubla Khan
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Song of Myself
Walt Whitman

The Silent Companion - & more
Wilhelm Klein

Movie Review

World Trade Center
Oliver Stone, 9/11 & the Big Lie

Ruth Rosen

Book Review

Letters to a Young Novelist
Mario Vargas Llosa
Reviewed by Bobby Matherne