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Number 54, July-August 2007

"Artist Sleeping" - Zhang Yi Bo (China)

"...One of these ideals [for Israel] is peace, based on understanding and self-restraint, and not on violence. If we are imbued with this ideal, our joy becomes somewhat mingled with sadness, because our relations with the Arabs are far from ideal at the present time. It may be that we would have reached this ideal, had we been permitted to work out, undisturbed by others, our relations with our neighbors, for we want peace and we realioze that our future development depends on peace. It was much less our own fault, or that of our neighbors than that of the Mandatory Power that we did not achieve an undivided Palestine in which Jews and Arabs would live as equals, free, in peace. If one nation dominates other nations, as was the case in the British Mandate over Palestine, she can hardly avoid following the notorious device of Divide et Impera. In plain language this means: create discord among the governed people so they will not unite in order to shake off the yoke imposed on them. Well, the yoke has been removed, but the seed of dissension has borne fruit and may still do harm for some time to come-let us hope for not too long..."

Albert Einstein - from a radio address on November 27, 1949

Your editor’s "True Tales" continue, this time about his experiences long ago involving the JFK assassination. Also a prophetic article from long ago about the airline industry.

"Current Events" mostly focuses on the Iraq quagmire, with articles by Peter Galbraith and Tom Engelhardt, but also returns to Argentina to tell you how a representative of the modern Inquisition did his dirty work here.

We are featuring a lot of Features in this issue (perhaps making up a bit for the delay). The famous “Peace Speech” by John F. Kennedy, delivered a few months before he was killed, and which makes us think about what might have been had he and his brother lived. His friend, Theodore Sorensen, looks to the future however; and Mike Ingles celebrates the American Memorial Day in a not especially joyful way; Steve Talbott continues his scholarly essay about the decadence of language and Gaither Stewart translates and comments on a Jorge Luis Borges story.

Gaither offers another Berlin story in the "Fiction section", Mike Ingles insists that his interview with a presidential candidate is a True Tale, but well, you know – when in doubt put in where you think it belongs. George Orwell’s “1984” seems to be looking more and more like the present every chapter.

And guess what! The “Children’s Corner” is back with another nifty bilingual tale by Yours Truly. Konrad Rudnicki’s (and our) cosmological quest continues in “Science and Philosophy” and an article which appeared in "Newsday" about a Waldorf School is reproduced in “Education”.

In the“Anthroposophy” section Rudolf Steiner’s lecture cycle on “The Fifth Gospel” ends. The entire cycle will soon be available soon as a free E-book. There is also a lecture by him on the Meaning of Life – a big question all have asked. Steiner’s autobiography also is continued.

Bringing up the rear are some poems by one of my favorites, Rudyard Kipling, which many of you, especially the younger ones, probably have never seen.

You can find us under the Southern Cross constellation in the Traslasierra Valley Province of Córdoba, Argentina. Visitors always welcome. Just follow the sign that reads: La Cruz del Sur. See you next time.

, Editor

, Associate Editor

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Table of Contents


Once in Berlin
Gaither Stewart

Interview With a Presidential Candidate
Mike Ingles

1984 - Part 2 Chap. 6 & 7
George Orwell

Children's Corner
Rincón Infantil

The Nature Spirits

Los espíritus de la naturaleza
Frank Thomas Smith

Science & Philosophy

Other Cosmological Principles
Chapters 7 & 8

Konrad Rudnicki


Waldorf School's Life Lessons
Rhoda Amon


The Fifth Gospel - Lecture 5
Rudolf Steiner

On The Meaning of Life
Rudolf Steiner

The Story of My Life - 18
Rudolf Steiner


The American Rebellion
And Other Poems

Rudyard Kipling