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How do I unsubscribe? I find some of the materials to be pornographic and I do not want to be included on this mailing list.

Barry Hersh


Re: Anthropsophical Guidelines


I was given your information by jeffrey baggaley.  I have the website

rudolfsteineraudio.com and I was asked by Jeff if I might record this translation of the leading thoughts [Anthropsophical Guidelines] and post it on the web? So I am writing to obtain the book and ask permission.


Dale Brunsvold

I of course gave Dale permission to record “Anthroposophical Guidelines”. I was unaware of his work until now and was most impressed by it. Check it out at RudolfSteinerAudio.com [Ed]


Re:JFK's Lost Suitcase

Great tale (the Kennedy one)!


John E Byrde


A great story! And great men and women need great working class heroes to support their greatness.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading JFK's Lost Suitcase.

Eric G. Muller


Re: The Black Widow of Córdoba

I laughed when I read Black Widow, so predictable, yet made me laugh out loud early in the morning. When my teens asked what was so funny I responded that I was reading light erotica from an anthroposophist. Thanks.

Julie Clement


Me gustó cómo quedó La viuda negra y me encantó  el de la maleta perdida. Pinta un relato entretenido, y la situación de la época, la acotación del desompleo que llegó para quedarse, muy oportuna.

Elena Herbón

Buenos Aires


What a great story, so well crafted...

Ariel Gomez



Hi Frank,

Thanks for another great issue of SCR. Unlike Andrew I enjoyed the Black Widow. I've always been certain that if I ever went looking for adventures I'd encounter someone like that, only in my version it would be cameras and blackmail.

All the best,

Keith Francis



Re: The Universe as Hologram


Wow! Brilliant article.  Fascinating! (Before I forget, I love the font you used for all the articles. I use this font myself because it's easier to read, which in this case it was easier, and less distracting to digest the depths of the subject. So please continue along this line of presentation.) This article is truly an inspiration and the style and wording was presented in such a way that it kept my urge to read into the article from doing so and transformed it into my wanting to understand 'out of' the article, allowing me a new perspective. I hope this outlook is worked on and taken further by all of the sciences.Thank you for sharing this information with us.

Don Drumm

Dear readers,

It is dangerous to use the contents of old articles to prove points. As far as I am aware, without being a specialist, memory is now thought to be localized in certain regions of the brain and not to be holographic.

As far as quantum physics and quantum entanglement are concerned, the experiments of Alain Aspect are now well known. More recent experiments in Austria go further. There is a review in "Nature" of a new book by Anton Zeilinger called "The Dance of the Photons". Work is described on the entanglement of FOUR photons; the result of a measurement, but also on measurements YET to be made, As far as I am concerned, the best way to understand such phenomena is not by making vague statements on everything being connected with everything else, but rather by seeing the quantum world as a world of different possibilities, which have not been realized in space and time. Quantum decoherence, that is interaction with an almost infinite environment, as confirmed by experiments, produces the world of classical physics.

In my book Putting Soul into Science, I consider the quantum world to be moreover a world of resistance, with conscious beings being imprisoned in a constant of physics. It appears to be possible to say that such resistance becomes classical resistance through dercoherence. Let us note that though future measurements may determine "present entanglement", there is, as far as I know, no way for an experimenter to predict what he or she may do. Rather subtle thinking is required to understand such aspects.

Best wishes,

Michael Friedjung


Re: Ebook Library

Good day to you, sir,

I  have just discovered and made use of your excellent resource, the E-book library. Thank you for providing this. Is there any way you could make the review itself available in a similar fashion, or even better as an RSS feed which would open it up to the Kindle.

That's probably asking too much but you don't get if you don't ask, as my gran used to say.

Thanks again,

Steve Keel

Re: Review of "The Trojan Spy"

I'm grateful to SCR and Case Wagenvoord for pointing me towards Gaither Stewart's "The Trojan Spy", which I've just finished reading. Wagenvoord's mostly excellent review whet my appetite, especially by his reference to Stewart's belief (shared by many millions) that 9/11 was "an inside job" - a subject which I have researched in depth since early 2002, coming to precisely that conclusion. Like Wagenvoord, I found the 'apocalyptic' ending of the book (with multiple simultaneous 'terrorist' attacks across Europe') unconvincing - but not Stewart's basic thesis that most large-scale 'terrorist' incidents (in recent years all allegedly the work of Islamic militants) are in fact planned and executed by a network of rogue secret service and military personnel. Wagenvoord offers no evidence to dismiss that thesis - merely some vague assertions about alleged CIA incompetence and human beings' lack of adequate intellectual capacity to carry out a large-scale conspiracy. He prefers a "contingency" theory. The problem is that the iconic 'terrorist' event of 9/11 - the successful demolition of three skyscrapers and several other buildings and, even more, the successful creation of a superficially plausible fiction to explain the events - was clearly an extremely sophisticated conspiracy which could not plausibly have been executed by a supposed 'ringleader' from a cave in the Afghan mountains and a random bunch of 19 Arabs, several of whom were found to be still alive after the incident. Both the official conspiracy theory and vague theories of "contingency" such as Wagenvoord's founder on the known facts - in particular on the physical impossibility that the collapses of the three World Trade Center towers could have been brought about by the 19 alleged 'hijackers'. The Twin Towers did not collapse as a result of plane impact and fire: the manner of their destruction (pulverisation, total collapse at close to freefall speed into their own footprints) is explicable only by the use of very sophisticated systems of high-tech explosives, such as thermate. The collapse of WTC7 at around 5.20 in the afternoon is a classic case of controlled demolition. These are hard facts. They fatally undermine the official conspiracy theory. In addition we have a sizable collection of other facts proving foreknowledge, concealment of evidence, planted evidence and cover-up which in themselves are sufficient to show that this had to be an inside job. The official story claims that cellphone calls were made from one of the allegedly 'hijacked' airplanes (the one which is then alleged to have crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, leaving no wreckage, no bodies, not a single drop of blood). In 2001 it was not possible to make cellphone calls from planes, yet these faked calls were an important element of the manufactured myth of Islamic fundamentalist hijackers. A fourth plane is alleged to have hit the Pentagon - but again there is no wreckage, no plane parts at all, no seats, no luggage, no bodies. However, CCTV film from numerous locations surrounding the Pentagon which could have shown the supposed plane was rapidly confiscated by FBI officials and has never been seen.
Wagenvoord alleges a track record of gross CIA incompetence. Yet the CIA and MI6 'successfully' coordinated a large series of bombings and murders in Europe between 1969 and around 1982, including the Bologna station bombing which killed more people than the London tube and bus bombings (for which the official story is similarly flawed). The conspiracy - generally known as "Operation Gladio" - was not revealed until 1990. Initially blamed on "the Communists" for political purposes, the murders (totalling more than 500 civilians) were in fact carried out by right-wing paramilitaries trained and armed by the CIA and MI6 and working to NATO. As Stewart has his main character Nikitin say: "... you have to think in terms of conspiracy. You have to think conspiratorially of the last twenty-five years. The conspiracy we're facing on this side [the 'Western' side] is the alliance of conservative power and American fundamentalists ... Allies in terror". And another of his characters, Musa Maslamah, adds: "America needs terrorists as it once needed the USSR". As Himmler once famously remarked, governments need enemies in order to control their own populations; and if there isn't a real enemy, one has to be fabricated - and the fabrication backed up by 'events'.
I hope many people will read "The Trojan Spy". It's a brave and insightful work. Its message is: wake up to the reality of government-sponsored terrorism before it's too late (though in fact Stewart seems to believe it is already too late). Regards, Paul Carline

Editor's note: Gaither Stewart has been a frequent contributor of articles and stories to SCR, so when he publishers a new book it is natural that we publish a review of it - a positive one if possible. I did not read Gaither's book, "The Trojan Spy" and the review we published by Wagenvoord specifically rejects the notion that 9/11 was an "inside job". Southern Cross Review also rejects that notion and considers it complete nonsense - although permisable in a work of fiction. Why not? The above "comment" by Paul Carline is therefore included here only for the sake of fairness - but with considerable reluctance.
Frank Thomas Smith, Editor