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Pan Yuliang, born Zhang Yuliang (1977), was an award-winning Chinese painter, renowned as the first woman in the country to paint in the Western style. She had studied in Shanghai and Paris. Because her modernist works caused controversy and drew severe criticism in China during the 1930s, Pan returned to Paris in 1937 to live and work for the next 40 years. She taught at the École des Beaux Arts, won several awards for her work, had exhibits internationally in Europe, the United States and Japan, and was collected by major institutions. In 1985 after her death, much of her work was transported to China, collected by the National Art Gallery in the capital of Beijing. Her life as an artist has been portrayed in novels and film in China and the United States.

Editor's Page

Stigmata - or - The Judith von Halle Phenomenon by Rob Steinbuch

On Saturday, October 13, 2012, a public discussion [in Holland] about “stigmata” took place.The following subjects were discussed:
- The situation after eight years of Judith von Halle's work.
- Stigmata in light of religious studies.
- Stigmata in light of Anthroposophy.
- Future perspectives.
The impulse for this meeting was the need to discuss the subject “stigmata” among us. Since the events during the Easter time 2004 in Berlin this subject has awakened more interest, also within the anthroposophical community. The following questions have been asked:

Current Events

Men Who Kick Down Doors by Ann Jones

Picture this.  A man, armored in tattoos, bursts into a living room not his own.  He confronts an enemy.  He barks orders.  He throws that enemy into a chair. Then against a wall.  He plants himself in the middle of the room, feet widespread, fists clenched, muscles straining, face contorted in a scream of rage.  The tendons in his neck are taut with the intensity of his terrifying performance.  He chases the enemy to the next room, stopping escape with a quick grab and thrust and body block that pins the enemy, bent back, against a counter. He shouts more orders: his enemy can go with him to the basement for a “private talk,” or be beaten to a pulp right here. Then he wraps his fingers around the neck of his enemy and begins to choke her. Continue


Capt. Olshevsky's Aura by Frank Thomas Smith

The room is a cube with no windows and no pictures on its stark white walls. A triple-tubed neon light on the ceiling makes the white even whiter. We are seated on three sides of a square table. Leroy Little and I have two stripes on our sleeves, we are corporals; the third, George Abrahamian, a private-first-class, has one stripe. George and I are studying pieces of paper held in our rubber-gloved hands through magnifying glasses. Leroy is dozing with a another piece of odorous paper in his hand. We are, or are supposed to be, Intelligence Analysts. Continue

Born to Run by JP Miller

As far as the earth curved one could see nothing but row upon row of young tobacco plants swaying stiffly in the fecund summer breeze. On the horizon, back lit, there was a hint of white and yellow which would be the corn fields extending to infinity beyond the green dominance of the tobacco. The dirt which provided a nursery for the tobacco and corn was white and dusty. It was a farmer’s miracle that anything would grow in this clodded, sterile looking soil. Beside the tobacco fields and on into the cornfields there were perfectly lined trails of warm, wispy soil where dust-devils popped up, spinning like a miniature tornadoes, until bouncing off stalks and giving out into the tobacco rows. The sky was a saturated blue above and then became violet at a distance. Periodically young storm systems emerged on the horizon promising rain. The anvil shaped clouds began with a fury but died quickly, never reaching the parched ground. Continue

What the Man Says by Donald Baker

I'm from someplace in Indiana you never heard of.
That’s right, Indiana.
Jefferson City to be exact.
Never heard of it?
That’s what I thought.
I got a surprise for you. Despite what you see on TV, not everyone is from New York, or California. It’s the Hollywood way of putting their noses in the air with that stuck up whine and saying “Anyone of importance ends up in NY or LA anyway! (sniff) What do they have in Indiana anyway? Corn fields and a race track?” (sniff again)... Continue


Esoteric Lessons for the First Class of the School for Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum - Volume Two, Lesson Ten by Rudolf Steiner

For esoteric development – the true path to knowledge – the individual must find the way to understanding what it means to live in a world in which the senses, the whole physical organization, in not a facilitator; that is, to live with the psychic-spiritual, which is man's true identity, in a spiritual world. In order to do so there are many different more or less meditative exercises, mental exertions meant to affect the soul. Continue

Karmic Relations, Volume II, Lecture 9 by Rudolf Steiner

We shall continue for a time to study the laws prevailing in the development of human karma, and I shall say something today about the inner aspect of the shaping of karma, of the part of karma that is connected especially with the moral, ethical and spiritual life. You must remember that directly we look beyond the physical world — and this is always so in studying karma — the karmic connections are spiritual. Even when they take effect in the physical, for example in illness, whatever is karmic in an illness has a spiritual cause. Continue

History of the Anthroposophical Movement - Lecture 5 - The Decline of the Theosophical Society by Rudolf Steiner

It is important to be aware of the need which existed in the anthroposophical movement for Christianity to be asserted, specifically among those who were initially what might be described as ordinary listeners. For the theosophical movement under the guidance of H.P. Blavatsky had adopted an expressly anti-christian orientation. I wish to throw a little more light on this anti-christian attitude, a perspective which I also mentioned in connection with Friedrich Nietzsche. It has to be understood that the Mystery of Golgotha occurred in the first instance simply as a fact in the development of mankind on earth. If you look at the way in which I have dealt with the subject in my book, Christianity As Mystical Fact, you will see that I attempted to come to an understanding of the impulses underlying the ancient Mysteries, and then to show how the various forces which were active in the individual mystery centres were harmonized and unified ... Continue


Celestial Traffic Jam
by Frank Thomas Smith

The atmosphere's crowded
with the rushing souls
of the dearly departed
on their way to the stars
and other destinations.

Others glide silently down
to try again an earthly life
wishing to arrive before it's late... Continue

Eagle's End by Eric G. Muller

circling down to earth
the Eagle lands in a hole
up on a wide hill
with sunk head he folds his wings
and waits for the storm to come
water fills the grave
loose earth caves in and buries
the feathery egg
... Continue

Letters to the Editor

RE: Sinful Simon and the Holy Innocents Oh Frank, That's marvelous - I'm still laughing! I've had a wonderful time imagining all the scenarios.
I even can think of a girl cousin or two that would have fit in with Muriel et al. Thanks for including it in your magazine.
Pam Fenner ...continue

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