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Number 45, February-March 2006

"La Fornarina" - Raphael (1483-1520)

In case anyone is still interested in Latin America, they can check out the “Editor’s Page” for a brief analysis, concentrating on Bolivia's president-elect, Evo Morales.

William Faulkner’s Noble Prize speech was given a long time ago, is nevertheless reproduced under “Features” because we think he said something important, applicable even today. In the same section Paul Hein has something to say about creationism and intelligent design, a hot topic for some reason.

“Fiction” offers short stories by the usual suspects: Gaither Stewart and Yours Truly (love stories - hmmm), as well as continuing serialized fiction, including George Orwell’s ‘1984’; also a plumed story in English and Spanish by Daniel A. Olivas.

Under “Politics and Society” Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of Treasury during the Reagan administration, wonders who’s dumber – President Bush or the voters who put him where he is - (don’t miss this one). Martin Luther King’s speech made during the Vietnam war is interesting, we feel, because one can not help comparing what was happening then when a few courageous people like King were appealing for peace from a Christian point of view and now. Iftekhar Sayeed’s article also has something to say about Christianity and Islam from a Muslim’s point of view. Gaither Stewart tells us what we didn’t want to know about Hamas and its recent electoral “democratic” success.

The “Children’s Corner” offers a bilingual Slavic fairy tale which will surely sound familiar to those who remember the Grimm stories.

Anthroposophy: Stanley Messenger, octogenarian philosopher, metaphysician, cereologist, offers an erudite and informed view of anthroposophy, the Anthroposophical Society and Rudolf Steiner. This is therefore an “insider” piece, but we think it will be of compelling to all who are in any way interested in anthroposophy or spiritual movements in general. A lecture by Steiner about science and astrology is included in the section as well as the continuation of his autobiography.

In "poetry" we present a couple of poems by one of our favorite poets: W. H. Auden.

A kind of book review carries up the rear – to be read by all who don’t think cops are nice guys.

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Frank Thomas Smith, editor

Jo Ann Schwartz, associate editor

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Table of Contents


Frank Thomas Smith

The Lady From Milan
Gaither Stewart

The Frequent Flyer - 15
Frank Thomas Smith

1984 - Chapter 5
George Orwell

Bilingual Fiction

The Plumed Serpent of Los Angeles

La serpiente emplumada
de Los Angeles

Daniel A. Olivas

Politics & Society

Democracy, Islam and Christianity
Iftekhar Sayeed

Beyond Vietnam
Martin Luther King

Gaither Stewart

Polls Show Many Americans
Simply Dumber than Bush

Paul Craig Roberts

Children's Corner
Rincón infantil

Los doce meses

The Twelve Months
Slavic Fairy Tale


Lucifer and Ahriman Under the Bed
Stanley Messenger

The Relationship of the Diverse Branches of Science and Astronomy
Rudolf Steiner

The Story of My Life - 6
Rudolf Steiner


As I Walked Out One Evening
W. H. Auden

Book Review

The Electric Sewer
by Trebor Nehoc