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Number 43, November 2005


"Maria Magdalene" - Leonardo Da Vinci



"We need not repine at the lack of a satisfactory Shakespeare portrait. To see his face, we need only look in the mirror. He is ourselves, ordinary suffering humanity, fired by moderate ambitions, concerned with money, the victim of desire, all too mortal. To his back, like a hump, was strapped a miraculous but somehow irrelevant talent. It is a talent which, more than any other that the world has seen, reconciles us to being human beings, unsatisfactory hybrids, not good enough for gods and not good enough for animals. We are all Will. Shakespeare is the name of one of our redeemers."
Anthony Burgess - Shakespeare

It's not really certain that the painting shown above is by Leonardo, but at least one expert thinks so. Check out "A Lost Leonard?" in the Table of Contents to see why.

By reading the “Editor’s Page” you will learn how not to impeach Bush and have fun at the same time. Perhaps it will inspire someone to think about how to really do it. It's about time!

For those of you who missed Patrick Fitzgerald's impressive press conference about L. "Scooter" Libby's crimes and misdemeanors, read the full transcript (including Questions and Answers), in the "Features" section. A straight arrow like Fitzgerald makes one think that all is not lost in the so-called land of the free and home of the brave.

Hernán Melana, a teacher in a rural Waldorf school in Argentina, talked to the children and guests on Columbus Day - it's meaning for the Americas.
In “Politics and Society” Al Gore takes a poke at the press and harder jabs at President Bush & Co. On a more positive note on race relations, even the uninitiated who don't appreciate baseball and those too young to know about such things will be interested in the relationship between two great people: Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese. Gavin Tang's final article about the anti-globalization movement follows.

The bilingual stories in the last issues under "Children's Corner" produced a suprising phenomenon: more people read the stories in Spanish than in English. We'll try to include more contributions in Spanish in the future - with or without translations.

Rudolf Steiner’s autobiography continues under “Anthroposophy”, along with new translations in English and Spanish of his famous (to anthroposophists) "Foundation Stone Meditation". Ken McClure's philosophical article on Owen Barfield brings up the rear.

We've placed the "Fiction" section a bit higher in the Table of Contents this time, because we have the feeling that it's passed over by some readers for being so low in the Table's pecking order. This issue's contributions include a story with a magical New Orleans background by a new writer, Will Carpenter - a good read. There's also a new story by me with an Argentine locale through which a confused gringo wanders. A little-known story by Rudyard Kipling concerns, of all things, Shakespeare's and Ben Jonson's work on the King James Bible. Kipling, like any artist, will have nothing to do with the "Baconian hersey". One of our two serialized novels, George Orwell's "1984", seems never to lose its relevancy.

Susan Sontag fans (aren't we all?) will find her article about the cinema - we should say "the decline of the cinema" - to squarely hit the mark, as usual.

One of Emily Dickenson´s most famous poems, "I Died for Beauty" is accompanied by many more of her short jewels, followed by one of mine and a newbie to SCR, Ross Peterson.

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Frank Thomas Smith, editor

Jo Ann Schwartz, associate editor

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Table of Contents


Proofs of Holy Writ
Rudyard Kipling

The Black Widow
Frank Thomas Smith

Faulkner's Ghost
Will Carpenter

The Frequent Flyer - 13
Frank Thomas Smith

1984 - Chapter 3
George Orwell

Science and Technology

Dangling Particles
Lisa Randall

From Hal to Kismet
Steve Talbott

Politics & Society

The State of America and the Media
Al Gore

Two Men Who did the Right Thing
(Jackie Robinson & Pee Wee Reese)

Ira Berkow

Key Issues of the
Anti-Globalization Movement-3

Gavin Tang

Children's Corner
Rincón infantil

Mi gato es un mago

My Cat is a Magician
Frank Thomas Smith


The Story of My Life - 4
Rudolf Steiner

The Foundation Stone Meditation

La piedra fundamental meditación
Rudolf Steiner

Owen Barfield:
The Journey of the Soul...
Kenneth McClure


A Century of Cinema
Susan Sontag


I Died for Beauty
and other poems

Emily Dickenson

Pillars of Pride
Frank Thomas Smith

Sneaking Certainty
Ross Peterson